CYMA/Echo 1 (possibly others) m14 battery compartment piece

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CYMA/Echo 1 (possibly others) m14 battery compartment piece

Post by mau5 » Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:13 pm

So I just bought a battery from ssd2k2 (nice transaction btw, no problems, i'd recommend), and it's almost an inch longer than the battery that my Echo 1 m14 came with. I freaked out for a half second, then looked up some stuff on making the battery compartment bigger (the battery actually fit, but with the wires connected, it wouldn't). Some guy made this video basically telling you to take out the plastic piece behind the butt plate when you screw it off and just leave it out. It really seems like a pointless space taker, the only function of it I can find is to guide the screws into their positions (which I could easily do without the piece there), but I was wondering if anyone has tried this and if it will give me any problems down the road.

Thanks!! :mrgreen:

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Re: CYMA/Echo 1 (possibly others) m14 battery compartment pi

Post by Meith.Killer » Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:12 pm

It works perfectly fine, thats how I ran my M14. The only trouble I had with the battery was fitting the connectors in the compartment with the battery, it takes a bit of finesse to fit them in. What I did once I got the battery in the stock was I just left it there unplugged while not in use that way I didnt have to mess with it every time I wanted to play.
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