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Post by J-Muss » Tue Jun 28, 2016 3:53 pm

So, you want to join the Minnesota Airsoft Association™? Great, thanks for your interest.

The Minnesota Airsoft Association™ is the premiere private Airsoft club in the state of Minnesota. That doesn't mean were exclusive per se but we are selective. The number one prerequisite of becoming a Member in the Minnesota Airsoft Association™ is being known by us.

What does that mean?

We like to know every person who wants to become a Member, really know them. As players and as people. Where do you hail from? What are your likes and dislikes outside of Airsoft? Tell us about your family, your school, your job. We like to know that Airsoft isn't just a passing fancy for you so we like to see you at our games. Of course we want to see you play with safety and honor but also that you encourage others to do the same. We're not looking for overly competitive players with a win at all cost attitude. Rather, we're looking for people who play like we do, for fun. People who are responsible with their Airsoft guns both on and off the field of play and want to make sure Airsoft is protected for years to come.

The Minnesota Airsoft Association™ is as much a close group of friends as it is an Airsoft club.

How's that? Still a little vague on the details you say? OK, here's the deal:

A. If you want to join the MAA, let myself (J-Muss), an officer, or any current MAA member know.

1. If you're a new player, please introduce yourself to the current members at games. We often make it an effort to wear our club patches, so be on the look out. we'll start to watch you more carefully at games. We want to make sure you not only know how to play Airsoft safely and with honor but that you know our rules and follow them. We'll also make a point of getting to know you better. It's kind of a courtship.

2. If you're a veteran to the MAA scene, been coming to events for years, and are just deciding to join up, your process will be faster. It's likely we already know you and how you play. If you've been playing MAA games you obviously know the rules so watching you will be more of a courtesy to the process.

B. The Process:

1. The "Getting To Know You" Phase.
Players that may not be widely known by the current active membership will need to make an effort to get to know us. It is expected of the current members to try and get to know the interested player but we don't know who the interested player is unless you make an effort. This will show us that you are actually interested in joining the club and who you are. Once you are widely known by the club and can obtain Vouches by the current membership you will be moved to Phase 2. A vouch pretty much means that this current active member feels as though you would make a good addition to the club, you have gotten to know and have played with them enough that they are willing to back you as a possible future member.

2. The "Vouching" Phase.
Once you, the player have gotten to know the membership enough you will possibly obtain a few vouches. If you do happen to be vouched by a couple people you will be moved to this phase of the process. Once in this phase, other members may vouch for you over time. This could be a very long stage for some, or a very rapid stage. It all will depend on how many members you know well, which is why introducing yourself to us is key. Once you have obtained enough vouches from the club, you will be moved to Phase 3.

3. The "Prospect Member" Phase.
This is probably the most important part of the process. You may be saying to yourself, "Why"? Well this is when the club has to an extant accepted you as a potential member. You are likely fairly well known by the club by name now. But this position also acts as a probationary period and you are expected to uphold all MAA safety standards, rules, and play honorably. At this stage you may be invited to private events so that you may get to know more of us. If you violate the MAA Code of Conduct at this stage, you may be held here for an extended period of time, so that you can improve as a player... or even dropped as a prospect. Once you complete a period of time as a prospect (typically upwards of 6 months), while maintaining a good standing with the MAA you will move to Phase 4. The voting process!

4. The "Voting" Phase.
This is the voting phase, if you make it here you are an honorable and safe player and are well liked by many members of the club. Regardless if you are voted in or not, this is a major achievement towards eventually joining the club. In this phase the current membership will vote and discuss any issues and achievements you may have made. A majority vote decides the outcome. This process will typically last 2 weeks. If voted into the club, you will move to Phase 5.

5. The "Member" Phase.
Congratulations, you have now been accepted into the MAA as a member. This phase often starts with paperwork and membership fees. Once the paperwork and fee have been turned in to the Membership Officers, the new member will be given an MAA patch, nametape, and access to the MAA Private forums.

Again, the MAA doesn't care about Membership fees or having the biggest club in the US. We want players that we trust, that we know have honor and play safely. Players that we can say without a doubt are the best players in the US, not because they always win but because they PLAY the best. No shots uncalled. No safety violation ignored. Players that would rather ref a game than play to insure its done right. Being a part of the MAA is as much a responsibility as it is an honor.

All that said, not everyone wants to become a Member of the MAA. That's cool, it's not for everyone, and the MAA is fine with that. The vast majority of our games are available to all players, MAA Members and non-members alike, and we will never pressure someone into joining. It's your choice. If you are interested, then the information above is for you...and we look forward to talking to you soon.

If you have any further questions feel free to PM me (J-Muss), or ask them below.

******This may be edited and updated at anytime, I felt it needed to get this out ASAP to inform players that have already shown interest in joining the MAA of what the process is like.******
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