What is the MAA to you?

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What is the MAA to you?

Post by J-Muss » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:33 pm

As it is right now the MAA is currently going through an identity crisis. We admittedly have not been very active in the last 2 years, that is on us. We would like to change that in some way and are currently attempting to make changes from within the club. But we are unsure where we stand in the community, who we are as a club, and what we want for the future.

I am going to leave this very open-ended and let the community discuss so that we may reflect on your opinions. This is not a time or place to try and get brownie points with the MAA, we want full honesty from the community.

What do you guys and gals see us as? Are we just a club/team, those guys that run the awesome convention every year, are we just the people with different colored names on the forums, or something more?

What do you guys and gals want us to be, how do you want us to serve the community?
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Re: What is the MAA to you?

Post by ibleedbullets » Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:30 pm

When I started playing, the MAA was the go to for model players and guidance. It used to be that the presence of the MAA was everywhere on fields all over MN. However, it feels like the members of the MAA have lost interest in airsoft as a whole. Even if members do not play at games whether they be open plays or events, it would be nice to see more presence and encouragement. This is especially important for the new generations of airsofters because they need to know who helped to start it all and keep it alive

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Re: What is the MAA to you?

Post by Razinger » Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:10 am

Didn't really take notice of MAA when I started but I knew it was there and wasn't much into of the forums. I mainly participate in other Airsoft specific forums. I do remember reading quote a few posts off of MAA just to try to increase my knowledge of Airsoft in the area and it was good. I have never attended a convention and was really busy so I did not attend the convention this year. I think implementing MAA positively into the local Airsoft community would be a good idea, but the methods of doing so would be difficult or more how to.

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