WTS Upgraded UTG L96 Sniper + Scope - $250

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WTS Upgraded UTG L96 Sniper + Scope - $250

Post by turtlewoo » Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:55 pm


I have been absent on this forum for some time (and am now sad to see that it is dying), mostly because I have been hanging around the sniper forums. I have sort of been the ugly duckling in that community due to my preference of the L96 over the Bar-10, but let me try to sell you on the awesomeness of this sniper platform (and my gun while I'm at it).

In addition to being a blast to hold and shoot, while it does have its share of annoying qualities, I find that they are far less significant than the Bar-10. For example, I have never heard, seen, or experienced any mag or feeding issues in any L96, which the Bar cannot claim. There are also no consistency issues (like the dreaded "right curve" common in the Bar), so no annoying shimming.

Anyway, here are the upgraded parts in this sniper:
PDI (130?) spring
Piston with "bump" head (I think Action Army, but may be some Chinese nonsense. Works great either way)
PDI soft bucking
Angel Custom Omega "zero" trigger (Funny story about this one. This piece has given me more headaches than one could possibly imagine--but not for the reason you'd think. We all know AC is crap, but, like everyone else, I had to see for myself. This was my first AC product ever..... And it was FLAWLESS! Seriously unbelievable. I've used PDI, Lylax, and AA triggers and this thing is right up there with them. I would even consider it superior to the PDI because the trigger pull is significantly smoother and lighter, with absolutely no sign of wear. This caused me headaches because I thought this meant that other AC products would compare, and subsequently tried many. They don't. They're all crap. Except for this trigger. God knows why).
PDI hop-up unit (The two-armed one for the "w" bucking. Not installed as I am still running a stock barrel. Needs AEG barrel)

So not a ton of flashy parts, but what I have come to learn from other snipers is that it really isn't all about the flashy brand-name upgrades, but the care one puts into tuning his or her rifle. The following are my adjustments:

Sanded down every single plastic seam, eliminating all "creaky-ness" and discomfort
Stuffed butt-end with modeling clay, adding significant silence, weight, and thus stability (if you are worried about hauling it, you could either (a) snipe correctly and reduce your "hauling", or (b) remove it easily)
Stuffed every other open cavity in the body with foam, eliminating any sounds coming from the body.
Home-made barrel spacer (because buying flashy ones is only a bragging point and waste of money)
Stuffed the space between the hop-up pressure ring and unit with foam to ensure uniformity in applicaiton
Threadlocked (blue) hop-up adjustment screw to ensure that vibrations don't shake it out of tune
Sanded down, to a mirror finish, the black paint on every point of moving contact in the bolt, including the inside of the upper-receiver, where the bold handle meets the cylinder and cylinder end-cap-thingy, and all points inside the end-cap-thingy, creating a significantly smoother operation and allowing the lube therein to do its job.

In addition to all this, I have diligently (or religiously) ensured that it is cleaned and maintained. I just (like 10 min ago) disassembled it down to the individual piece, cleaned everything off, and reapplied lube. I have only used white lithium grease for all lubrication save for the outside of the bucking, to which I paint a small amount of silicone oil to keep it from drying and cracking.

All and all, its a dream to shoot. I can't give you any stats, as I have not had the inclination to take them, but rest assured that it sends my .4s far, straight, and true. I have pre-washed every bb that has been through it (which involves lifting the production grese with a light acid, then soap, water, rinse and thorough dry).

It comes with the bipod, Leapers 3–9x50 multi-color-illuminating-reticle scope with hood (which is almost cooler than the gun), at least 2 mags, and however many pre-washed .4 bbs I have left.

The only issue right now is that the front cap for the sope seems to have cracked at the joint (pictured).

Parts alone ran me about $400, but how can you put a price on the TLC I have given it? You can't. That's why there's MasterCard.

Prefer Twin Cities local pick-up, but I am willing to ship if you pay. Any questions or concerns please text 320-29508714.


*Edit: Couldn't get photos to upload. Follow this link for the google drive album:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q1H0r ... X_FGMnnDOa
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