Fox's 1966 air cav impression

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Fox's 1966 air cav impression

Post by CPT. Fox » Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:05 pm

This is my 1966 1st air cav loadout. enjoy. (and ignore the shemag. it's temporary)





Kit List:

-3rd pat Jungle trousers
-Utility shirt
-jungle Boots (vibram soul)
-OD T shirt

Web Gear
-M1956 vertical weave pistol belt
-M1956 universal ammo pouch (x2, both 1969 dated)
-M1956 canteen covers (x2)
-M1956 'H' suspenders
-M1956 compass/bandage pouch
-M1961 buttpack

-M1 helmet with Mitchell helmet cover
-paintball mask

Other items
-'Chow sock' (x2. USGI socks filled with C-ration cans)
-extra canteen on carabineer
-USGI 7 pocket bandoleer

This is an early 1966/late 1965 1st cav kit. I still need utility trousers, but I'm happy with it as it is too.

(the M16A1 is my bro's. just used it for the pics, as it fits better with the loadout than my M14)
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