1st air cav 1969

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1st air cav 1969

Post by CPT. Fox » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:22 pm

Hey guys. Just wanna show my loadout.

Kit list-
-M69 Flak vest
-Pistol belt (nylon)
-M56 'H' suspenders
-M56 ammo pouch
-M69 jungle 1st aid kit (technically not correct, but I use it.)
-M67 canteen covers (2)
-two quart plastic canteens (2. One is repro, one is original 1970)
-M56 buttpack (repro)
-tri folding E-tool
-M56 E-tool carrier
-M1 steel helmet (Israeli, but still works)
-ERDL helmet cover (will be replaced with mitchell pattern as soon as I can get one)
-M56 sleeping carrier
-M67 compass pouch
-2nd pattern gas mask pouch

Weapons: CYMA M14, JG Bar-10, Elite Force M4A1 (not VN, I know.), A&K SVD springer, HK UMP .45, And a few pistols.
Just for fun: Fox with M69 flak vest XD
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Grimes: Why aren't you shooting?
Waddell: We're not being shot at yet.
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Waddell: Now they're shooting at us!
-Blackhawk Down

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