Uniform Standards for 1st ID Big Red One

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Uniform Standards for 1st ID Big Red One

Post by travis17ss » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:27 pm

Players will obtain the follwing items for Nam airsoft (Note: OD means olive drab -green) 1) a pair of jungle boots with panama or vibram soles. 2) a pair of OD green socks. 3) an OD green T-shirt. 4)a set of OD jungle fatigues either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pattern. (Rothco makes a nice repro) do not buy tiger stripe or ERDL pattern BDU's. Jacket will have a US Army name tape, your name on another tape is optional. A division patch with a red one will be worn on your right shoulder. Rank may be pin on or sew on. CIB's should not be worn unless earned for real, or within our group by attending a to be specified number of events 5) OD green boonie hat 6) M1 steel helmet with mitchell pattern camoflage cover. helmet chinstraps will be canvas, not 1980's nylon. You will not ruin original helmet covers by putting graffiti on them with a black sharpie marker. 7) black web belt with buckle. 8) ID/ dog tags. Please refrain from putting hippie nonsense such as peace buttons and ugly jewelry on your uniform. We are portraying the US Army, and will look like soldiers and will not disrespect Veterans in any way. 9) M1956 or some pieces of the 1967 field gear will be worn. Pistol belt with at least 2 universal ammunition pouches, at least 2 plastic canteens in canvas pouches. At least one green cotton magazine/ammunition bandoleer. a 1956,1961 or 1967
pattern buttpack will be worn on the back of the pistol belt. one pair/ set of "H" suspenders, entrenching tool with carrier, one M8 scabbard with M7 bayonet. at least one first aid pouch/ compass pouch, one OD poncho, at least 2 metal replica/ inert "lemon" m61 grenades or "baseball" m67 grenades. 10) M16A1 with correct style rear sight, NOT the M16A2 sight. M16 and M14 are OK to use.
1911 .45 pistols will be used by NCO's, Officer (LT), machine gunners, mortar teams, grenadiers carrying M79 grenade launchers. Other acceptable weapon would include M-72 law rocket. Soviet weapons should be used by NVA/ VC. Optional equipment would include rucksacks, PRC-77 radio's, claymore mines, Do some online research and you'll see how this equipment was worn. Woodland pattern BDUs or 1980's era ALICE gear WILL NOT be worn, period. If you have questions let me know, as I will be the "authenticity NCO" in the unit. travis17ss@yahoo.com


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