new nam unit forming 1st Infantry Division

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new nam unit forming 1st Infantry Division

Post by travis17ss » Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:23 pm

I am starting a nam group that will portray the 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One) for both airsoft games, blank fire re-enactments and living history public events. Our group will also do VC/NVA. Members do not have to have both kits, (that's optional). Membership is open to anyone. My objective here is to build a nam community in MN and I will be eventually hosting 2-3 OP games in Big Lake. These will not be "themed" - the participants WILL be wearing US Army M1956 pattern field gear, replica OD fatigue jungle uniforms, helmets, M16A1's, jungle boots, etc.
We will be using US Army squad tactics, and will be organized along military lines with a chain of command. Ranks will be permanent, with newbies starting out as privates, and older players
with some experience may start out as specialists or sergeants. The platoon leader as a 2nd LT will be rotating positon and will be voted on. This policy will be the same for the NVA side as well. Only firearms that replicate those used in Vietnam prior to 1971 will be used. Members will have short haircuts, no ponytails or mullet nonsense, and the only facial hair will be trimmed mustaches. Members may /should wear these uniforms at other non- vietnam events in order to encourage growth of our group. If you are interested in joining this group, let me know. I already have 6 guys on the roster. Players with other uniforms such as USMC, SF, etc are welcome to fight along side us. Training events and meetings will be posted here also. I will post authenticity standards in another thread. useful sites POC Travis Jacobsen 763-263-0174, or PM


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