OP: LIberty Cannon, Wolcott, CT, July 15-17 2011

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OP: LIberty Cannon, Wolcott, CT, July 15-17 2011

Post by Irish » Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:57 am

Got wind of this event by the historical MILSIM guys. Copied and pasted below.
Gentleman. You are the hardcore of Namsofters. If you’re like me you’ve been making your kit and checking it twice ever since Christmas. Good News!

Registration is now open for Operation Liberty Canyon III

Dates: July 15-17 2011
Location: Wolcott, CT AO - Map and pictures: http://historicalmilsim.com/drupal/wolcott
Event Forum: http://www.vietnam-airsoft.com/phpBB3/v ... =13&t=1073
HMSG Website: http://historicalmilsim.com/drupal/node/382
- Pay by Credit Card/PayPal - http://historicalmilsim.com/drupal/civi ... 13&reset=1
-This year we're accepting partial payment plans. Contact Capt Maltby at libc@historicalmilsim.com for payment options.

Operation Liberty Canyon III is shaping up to be the best yet.
· Comrade Mercy is returning to run the NVA.
· Cal Rollins is bringing his souped up PRC-77s.
· Ranger Warren will be running US operations.

See you in the 'Nam in 2011!
AKA "The Predicament"
I love this game.
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