5th Annual Ft McCoy WI WW2 event 15-17 Aug 2014

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5th Annual Ft McCoy WI WW2 event 15-17 Aug 2014

Post by Ersatzjack » Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:53 pm


[font size="4"]"FURY" - OSTFRONT STYLE

We'll be posting scenario ideas the week of August 10th before the event kicks off so stay tuned for that information. For those that have never gone to an MOA event just check the rules by reviewing last years announcement here:

http://www.ostfrontairsoft.com/cgi-bin/ ... st=#entry1

The link above also gives directions, and other useful information.

Reading that will give you a great idea of how it will run again this year. We will further explore B13 and I plan on returning to the battle area of last year's Sunday action which boasts oak savannah the likes of which are very cool to play in. This area is still big enough to keep throwing new terrain at us every year.

IMPORTANT - Bio BBs only. This is a free event for participants but you need to have a sealed bag of bio-bbs for game day. There will be an in-ranks inspection. I don't want plastic at this event. You have plenty of time to prepare but for those that still don't have them, I will have a limited number for sale. Donations are like in previous years accepted for a contribution to a fort charity. AGE RESTRICTIONS - 18 and above okay. 16-18 with a parent along or playing, under 16 not allowed.

Arrival is encouraged for Friday night so that essential work can be done to the field to set up for weekend action. Remember this is not a private parcel and we have to prepare it on Friday. I will also need folks for radio check which is a realistic guard duty condition offered. So please consider the camping option. Modern tentage is allowed.

Please keep the PM's coming if you plan on attending. Folks on these boards should just respond below so I am sure to add names to the roster. Let me know which side you plan on playing. If you are civilian or US you will be used to balance forces. :) Registration will be ending by 21 July midnight. After that, I won't want to add you unless you plead. People should know by then if they are coming or not. I will also decide by that date if this event is proceeding.

Russian armor is not coming this year but the German armor will do double duty fighting for both teams in the scenarios so don't let this stop you from attending.

I'll need confirmations ASAP and no-shows are not invited back unless justified. I do this because I might not proceed with the additional requirements placed on me if numbers don't call for it. So commit please. I'm shooting for 14 players that I consider reliable as a minimum. Calling WWII midwest airsofters. You'll need a WWII weapon and some effort displayed in your WWII impression.

I'll update information and attendance here:
http://www.ostfrontairsoft.com/cgi-bin/ ... st=#entry1
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Re: 5th Annual Ft McCoy WI WW2 event 15-17 Aug 2014

Post by Terd Ferguson » Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:02 pm

What an amazing AO!
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Re: 5th Annual Ft McCoy WI WW2 event 15-17 Aug 2014

Post by andre » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:02 am

This only happens once a year and it's a pretty awesome site. 8)

I can also field questions about this event.
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