Recruiting - MOA WWII WI/MN

Forum for those interested in accurate WWII impressions and re-enactment using Airsoft. This is not a political or historical section, discussions will be limited to the gear and guns appropriate for the era and theme based games.


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Recruiting - MOA WWII WI/MN

Post by Ersatzjack » Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:35 am

To the Minnesota airsoft community I would like to extend an invitation to join us in 2012. We do WWII airsoft and focus on Eastern Front battles between the Axis and Russian forces. The big show as it were for WWII. Our site is known to some as we have been around now since 2008. We have a site at

Also, make sure to check out our discussion forums. There is lots of information available to you at the site so it doesn't bear repeating here but I did want to touch on some exciting developments for 2012.

We are on the verge this year of completing a scale build German halftrack for use in battles. Combine that with a Russian Armored car, anti-tank weaponry, mines, and mortars as well as some finally dependable support MGs and 2012 promises some intense immersion into WWII battle tactics. Here is video of the halftrack: ... I_0231.mp4

We have access to three privately owned property areas and four fields (100-70-and two 30-acre) to play our games and operate on a donation based principal so the cost to you is at your discretion. We also have played at other locations (rented) and keep options open in this regard. One of the private sites does charge $10-$25 per event but is worth every penny as it keeps getting better every year. This is a site NW of the Twin Cities in Big Lake. The other sites are all located in Wisconsin. We've been lucky to play an event the past two years at Fort McCoy and that is hoped for again this year.

We are looking for quality members to join us and this year is a great time to join as it looks to unveil some really exciting debuts. The type of members that have been long lasting in our group have an interest in the history of the period, like assuming a role as one of the major combatants and like playing with an established group of players that learn to play together in a fun, fair and challenging way. Your attitude and contributions are appreciated and will be welcomed by teammates. With our capital investment and with some like minded fresh individuals intent on building a WWII impression we hope to maintain our position as one of the best WWII groups in the country. This hobby has some neat side benefits and once established as a WWII airsofter in our group you can jump to blank-fire reenactment if that suits your interests and in the past two years we've had two opportunities to support motion picture companies with extras. Our members contributed to the recent wrap of the upcoming movie, Memorial Day.

There is no other war in modern history with the scope of WWII and I believe this extends to airsoft applications. The mix of automatic, and bolt-action fire with the insertion of actual armor allows for tactics that guarantee fluid battles that raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Here is some video from past events that I hope you'll view:

My favorite, ... o_0001.mp4

and others, ... annel_page ... re=related

Please consider this offer for 2012. I know our group requires some investment in time and money so we are not for everyone, but if you can travel to events (2-5 hour drive times in general), don't mind sleeping in a foxhole or playing in the snow, have the time and money to invest in an impression and then continue to improve upon it and want to be a Russian soldier charging with your PPsh-41 to retake the motherland or a German soldat, just trying to get home to Hilga this may be your chance to make it happen. Both teams are looking for additional members and are equally fun. We do allow you to play both sides if you are so inclined and have the ability. New players can also participate as partisan/civilian fighters in appropriate period garb but eventually you should be planning to join either German or Russian forces.

Additional details at the MOA website for interested parties. We have an event coming up in February with the next one in April. Generally we do six plus events yearly. Hope to meet you at these. -- Otto Verkaufer

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