Operation Crosslord: A WWII Game

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Operation Crosslord: A WWII Game

Post by Doc Dodge » Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:34 am

OP: CROSSLORD - a WWII Game @ DDay Adventure Park November 13th 2010

Milsimevent.com presents Operation: Crosslord - a WWII Game @ DDay Adventure Park November 13th 2010

Operation: Crosslord
DDay Adventure Park, Wyandotte OK
Saturday, November 13th

Schedule of Events:
Checkin begins @ 0600
Chrono open @ 0630
Breifing @ 0800
Game On @ 0900
Game off @ 1630
Raffle @ 1700

Enlistment Details
Opens October 1st
Closes November 5th
$45 prepay via PayPal
$75 at the gate

Any Period Allied WWII Uniform from any theater - or -
Khaki - or -
OD Green - or -
Any combinations of the above. One Full Color American Flag is required to be displayed.

Any Period Axis WWII Uniform from any theater - or -
Black - or -
Gray - or -
Any combinations of the above. No Swastikas Please.

Resistance, and OSS: (player admin)
Any WWII era specific clothing and uniform.

*Squads formed of players in historical uniforms or striving for that period look, will get first priority in roster and objective placement. Players or Re-enactors, that bring and use "that era" vehicles in the game, play for free.

We will be using the Busses as airplanes for Paratrooper Insertion and Deuces for general transportation in and out of field during play. POV's are not allowed unless approved by MSE Staff.
ATV's/UTV's may be in use by Game Administration and Medical Staff.

Allied or Axis Team Specific Event Patch, Custom printed Dead Rag, Custom Map, Raffle Ticket

Must be 18 years old to attend. Under 18 must have a parent on the premises and any player under 16must have a parent with them during the game at all times.

Kastway Airsoft, Tulsa Airsoft, Milsimevent.com, DDay Adventure Park

All Established posted MSE rules apply except for the WWII era specific weapon rules that Amend the standard set currently posted. http://www.milsimevent.com/ruleset.php

More Info:
Visit milsimevent.com and www.milsimevent.com/forums/ for ALL the information about Enlistment, Teams, Uniform Requirements and for the latest, updated daily information, rule sets and banter.

Game Design Premise:
Timeline: 48 hours before Operation: Overlord (DDay -48 hours), Two days before the June 6th Allied Invasion over the English channel...

Operation: Crosslord will be activated on 0000 hrs June 4th all over northern France. Thousands of commando trained Allied Parachute forces of the 666th PIR, known as the hellions, will be dropped all over objectives behind the beaches of Normandy. Their objectives are to link up with their squad and head to a rally point where awaiting resistance fighters and OSS agents will brief them on the local situation and how to accomplish the next objective.

The awaiting Axis armies have many emplacements, crossroads, towns, roads and bridges to guard against enemy attack so they are spread thin. Little do they know the pre courser to the big invasion was about to take place.

Operation: Crosslord will create is own history for these two armies and explore the “what might have been” as the 666th PIR gets dropped 48 hours in advance to DDay. Can they complete their objectives and make it to the awaiting Higgins boat at Omaha Beach during the next mornings landing? Do the Powerfully entrenched Axis forces annihilate them in the process and find valuable information that will give them a tip for what’s coming on June 6th?

This squad based game will have its place in history while setting tone for future WWII milsim games. DDay Adventure park has all the places and props already there and sets the standard for WWII Milsim around the world...now its up to you to enlist and play your life in this unique game designed with the re-enactor, vehicle collector, hardcore milsim and casual airsofter player base in mind.


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