BATC Study Guide: Individual Tactics

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BATC Study Guide: Individual Tactics

Post by Erik » Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:20 pm

Individual Tactics

Okay, you're out in the woods with your squad, and all of the sudden, all **** breaks loose. You're in the middle of a firefight, and you can hear BBs hitting all around you. Your teammates are calling themselves out as they are hit. What do you do?

Experience has taught us that many new players freeze up under fire, because they don't know what to do. That's a recipie for disaster. If you cower behind your cover, you become just a target for your opponent to come to and take out.

So what do you do?

Don't confuse Cover and Concealment.

High grass, weeds, or vegetation may hide you from enemy fire - but it won't protect you from it. If a BB can pass thru it, it's not cover - it's concealment. Use concealment to hide from your opponent long enough to get to some decent cover.

Find Some Cover.

Search the terrain for a gully, ravine, ditch, or wall. Large trees, rocks, stumps, fallen timber, rubble, vehicle hulks, folds or creases in the ground.

Cover is defined as anything which stops BBs, which can be just about anything. A depression in the ground as deep as 6" can shield you effectively.

Don't rely on ineffective cover. If you can't hide behind it, it's not cover. Staying on your feet is certain death. A small tree is lousy cover when you are standing behind it, but if you go prone you can take advantage of the ground and the tree's roots. In addition to using your cover better, you are also now a smaller target.

If there is absolutely no cover, create some with BBs. Make your opponent advance through a wall of plastic as you move towards effective cover. If that's not an option, make youself a smaller target. Drop to one knee, or even go prone.

Don't Stay There.

Now that you are behind cover, you can plan your next move. A quick peek out will tell you where your opponent is. If you can take a shot at him,
go for it. But remember, when you start shooting, your opponent will quickly figure out where you are.

Who hasn't seen two players, each behind good cover, popping up and snapping shots at each other? Both players become "pop-up targets" for each other. It's just a matter of time before someone gets hit.

You've got to advance on your opponent, or you are as good as gone. First, pick your path.

1. Select your next position. Ask yourself:
Does it have adequate cover?
Will you be exposed?
How will you get to it?
Will you have to cross your buddies field of fire to get there? If so, pick a different route.

2. Decide how you are going to move. You have 3 choices: Low Crawl, High Crawl, and Rush.


High Crawl

If the route to your next position provides good cover & concealment, High Crawl may be a good choice. High Crawl is faster than Low Crawl, but it exposes you more of your opponent's fire.

To High Crawl, lay prone and raise your body off the ground, resting your weight on your forearms and lower legs. Cradle your AEG in your arms, making sure to keep its muzzle off the ground. Keep your knees well behind your butt so it stays low - if you don't, like Forrest Gump, you will likely get shot in the buttocks.

Move forward by alternately advancing your right elbow and left knee, and left elbow and right knee. Keep going until you get to your next position. If you stop on the way there, you're a sitting duck.

Low Crawl

If the route you have selected provides cover or concealment less than 1 foot high, Low Crawl is your best option. You should also use Low Crawl when visibility provides your opponents with good observation, and speed is not required.

To Low Crawl, keep your body as flat as possible to the ground. Tuck your head down against the ground, like you snuggle into a nice warm bed on a winter night. Hold your AEG by grasping the barrel just behind the flashider, letting the handguard rest on your forearm and the butt of the AEG drag. This keeps the muzzle off the ground. If you have a RIS foregrip, you can simply hold the foregrip and let your AEG rest on your forearm.

To move forward, push both arms forward while pulling your right leg forward. Then pull with both arms while pushing with your right leg. Contiue this push-pull movement until you reach your next position, changing your pushing leg frequently to keep from tiring out.


Use the Rush when you have to cross an open area, and/or time is critical. While Rushing allows the most exposure to your opponent's fire, it also is the fastest way to move from one position to the other. Before you do anything, figure out where you are going to run to FIRST.

While a Rush can be done solo, it's much more effective when you have a buddy to cover you. Let him know you are going to move by yelling out: "MOVING!" loud and clear.

To Rush, first let your buddy (if you have one) know what you are going to do. Make sure he hears and understands what's going on, because his cover fire is the only cover you are going to have when you are on the move. Your buddy should respond by yelling: "MOVE!"

Now it's time to run.


Move from your current position by rolling or crawling. Start from the prone position. Slowly raise your head to figure out where you are going to go next. When you are ready, and you buddy is covering you, spring to your feet as quickly as you can and RUN to the next position.

Keep your route short to avoid your opponent's fire. If you are not exposed for more than 3-5 seconds, it will hard for your opponent to track you, aim his AEG, and fire before you are back behind cover. A good way to count off 3-5 seconds is say to yourself: "I'm up - They see me - I'm down."

When you slide in behind your cover, get into a good prone firing position so you can cover your buddy's movement. Let him know you are in position by shouting "READY!" When you hear him yell "MOVING!" put some suppressive fire on your opponent's position.

From here on, continue moving towards your opponent's flanks until you get a clear shot.
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