Review: SISU Mouthguard

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Review: SISU Mouthguard

Post by Jonesy » Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:24 pm

Years ago, roughly the time I became interested in airsoft, I went in search of an alternative to full face protection options. Having already played paintball for years prior, I was well accustomed to the full paintball masks available, and I was excited to ditch them. Adversely, I was somewhat concerned about chipping a tooth. I have a pretty awesome smile, and thus wanted to keep it in one piece.

I experimented with shemaghs, flash hoods, and balaclavas, but I found they left something to be desired. Notably, they all felt stuffy, and caused fogging issues for me. Additionally, I've been rocking a pretty substantial beard from roughly the age of six- and my whiskers are irritated easily when kept in close contact with any of the above solutions.

I tried out a number of solutions, (even a pacifier at one point!) and eventually moved to a traditional, football style mouth guard. It fit the bill. It was low profile, and it protected my winning smile. Unfortunately, it was hard to breath with during moments of exertion, and it was hard to communicate with my teammates. In the end, I ditched the mouth guard and all other solutions- opting instead to just keep my mouth clamped tightly shut whenever I was in direct contact. Anyone who knows me personally knows what a sacrifice this was for me, as keeping my mouth shut is not something that comes naturally to me.

I went without protection for nine years, and only narrowly avoided injury or damage to my grill in the process with a number of close calls.

And then a year ago, I saw a picture of an airsofter who'd taken a very close range shot, from a very high powered weapon. The bb had penetrated his upper lip, and stopped against his teeth. He was wearing a SISU guard, and it had most assuredly saved one or more of his teeth. I was intrigued, and cautiously optimistic. I placed my order.

I ordered two guards, one for my upper and lower sets of teeth. I got them directly from the SISU website at $24.99 a piece. With $5.96 shipping, my total was $55.94.




The two guards arrived in retail packaging, with straight forward instructions. I won't bore you with the forming process. It's much like any tradtional mouth guard. Hot water, bite, suck, cold water. Just like any other guard. ( Or awful blind date. )

What sets the SISU apart from other, traditional mouth guards is the material. Both in it's thinness, and rigidity. Once the guard sets, it is rock solid with no flex or give whatsoever. It fits tight against the teeth, and as such is very low profile. So much so that you can close your mouth without any noticeable bulge or telltale distended lips. In short, people won't know you're wearing it.


The main benefit to the SISU guard (for airsoft) is the low profile, the ability to communicate with teammates, and drink. It performs marvelously in all regards. I can do all these things and more. The only downside is a feeling of cottonmouth. It seems to me my mouth dries out a lot faster with the guard in than it would otherwise, but this might me an issue of perception.

I generally tend to run these only when playing CQB, or when I find myself in a situation where I'm likely to be taking a lot of shots to my money maker. ( Tin city or the trenches at Apoc, for instance. ) I generally keep them in a pocket whenever I play, just in case I might need them.

I think for the price, they provide excellent protection and ever better peace of mind.

Now, some might be wondering why it took me a year to write this review. The answer is pretty simple. I've been wearing it for a year, but only recently did I get shot in the mouth with the guard equipped. I am happy to report it performed admirably, and saved my teeth. There was still a degree of pain, but no damage to my teeth, or the guard.

So yeah, I'm a happy camper.


Pick one, or two up for yourself at
As an added bonus, they're now offering free shipping.

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Re: Review: SISU Mouthguard

Post by Touchette » Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:28 pm

I'm fairly certain a little damage to your "money maker" might actually do you some good there "hot stuff". That said, might look into this as the traditional custom options have generally been a bit more than I wanted to spend.
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