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SWAT Group Forum: Change of concept

Post by Erik » Fri Nov 10, 2006 12:08 pm

I started this forum last year in the hope of organizing a SWAT-based interest group. While I am still dedicated to that idea, my lack of free time, lack of a suitable playing area, and disagreements among players (uniforms, equipment, etc.) has made this vision problematic.

So I'd like to change the pace. I'm still going to be rockin my SWAT gear at indoor games (as I am sure others will also), but rather than striving to form a psudeo-team I'd like this forum instead to be a home for the discussion of SWAT and other tactical team or law enforcement impressions.

To help facilitate this, I have gone though and cleaned out obsolete, off topic, and out of date threads.

And hey, if out of that we can figure out a decent place to play SWAT with players who are all on the same page, even better.

Post away :)
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