DOA and bang kills.

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DOA and bang kills.

Post by slusk17 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:40 pm

Just today me and some guys have pondered over wether bang kills should be allowed in the 2nd fiield at DOA because in one of my youtube videos ( username: slusk 17) there was a part at I believe 5:35 or 6:35 where I tried to do a bang kill on a guy and he said that "we don't do bang kills" So,what are your guy's opinions? I personally think yes.
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Re: DOA and bang kills.

Post by Sharpshot » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:23 am

My opinion personally is this: Regardless of if bang kills are "required by the rules" or etc within a certain distance of someone, I still think that it is always better policy to give a person a "Courtesy bang kill" if you sneak up on them, round a corner to find them or etc. On the subject of refusing a bang kill, I am sorry but if someone has you dead to rights at close distance, decides to bang kill you instead of lighting you up, and you try to refuse it, you are an ASS HOLE. I don't care if you don't like bang kills. If someone comes up on you without you seeing them, and yells bang, you are dead. Be an honorable player, and accept it. Don't whine, don't bitch, and especially don't whip around and try to shoot them.

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Re: DOA and bang kills.

Post by Archer » Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:40 am

my opinion... if I come up on you, bang kill you and you refuse... don't whine when I light you up. cause I will. because you deserve it.
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Re: DOA and bang kills.

Post by J-Muss » Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:15 am

Agreeing with both Evan and Mitch here, bang kill is often a courtesy kill I could have lit you up from 5 feet away and probably piss you off or have been nice and just say bang. Sounds like he was a poor sport to me.
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Re: DOA and bang kills.

Post by marinefan2 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:44 am

In my opinion for indoor play, especially at an arena that is as close quarters as DOA, bang kills should be limited to when you sneak up on someone. I've seen too many people abuse the bang kill rule and blindly run into a room where they know someone is and yell bang. If you're effectively using cover in a room and someone comes charging in there's a good chance that they can miss their shot. However, if someone runs into a room they can just yell bang and your automatically out, even if you were using another barrier in the room for cover. I think this takes away from the CQB game and takes the skill out of playing the game. I've actually seen it lead to a lot more arguing than just firing.

However, as mentioned during this same conversation on Facebook, some people lack the maturity to get shot up close. Some people respond emotionally when they are shot from up close or startled. There is very little to no pain difference between getting shot from point blank and 10 feet away. This doesn't matter for many though because they respond emotionally rather than rationally. Just because getting shot from close up is more "scary" doesn't mean that it is more dangerous or painful. For example, getting shot from 15 feet away by a 400 fps gun with .2 bb's in an outdoor game will have similar energy upon impact than getting shot from 1 foot away a 350 fps gun with .2's in an indoor game. A lot of people will react differently to the 350 fps shot because it was "point blank" or because "He blasted me!" when in reality there isn't much of a difference.
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Re: DOA and bang kills.

Post by Bunny » Wed Dec 11, 2013 6:39 pm

The general rule in MAA games is that bang kills are not allowed if the players are facing each other. This helps prevent the abuse of the rule in close quarters. To me, facing and position are more important than distance. I've "bang killed" people from 20 or 30 feet away when I had a clear shot at them and they didn't know I was there. In these cases I like to use a verbal kill because it's more likely to get a reaction: when someone is not expecting a threat from a direction often times single BB hits from that direction are ignored or written off as ricochets. So, when I catch someone by surprise it's generally a decision between lighting them up with 4-8 BBs to get their attention, or just yelling out to them.

I would attempt verbal kills even at a field that does not use rules for them. Airsoft is supposed to be a friendly game where we try not to hurt one another. An honorable player should recognize a good bang kill and take it. If they give you a "we don't do bang kills" response, then shoot them. If they get upset with you for that, then you know what kind of player you're dealing with - the next time you get the drop on them light their ass up.

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