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Post by THE ARCHANGEL » Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:34 am

The MAA has decided to extend its FPS case study for another season with some specific refinements to the process.

For the 2010 Summer Season the MAA FPS rate will be 450 FPS with .2 BBs.

* As with last season, this increase should NOT be seen as an opportunity to tune up and upgrade your Airsoft guns. A majority of MAA Members voted to return the rate to 400 FPS. Opinion was split but many saw the data from last year as proof that changing our FPS rate for "new guns" was not needed. Be warned. In the end the Officers decided we needed more data.

To recap/remind people from last year….the MAA has been working on proving/disproving a theory that many new clone guns out of the box were higher than our standard FPS rate of 400 with .2 BBs. In 2009 the MAA decided to increase its rate to 450 FPS to allow for new guns to be used in order to collect data to discover what percentage of guns were actually shooting “hotter”. In the end the data we collected showed that 15% of all guns used at MAA Open Sessions shot over 400 FPS. Under further review, it was decided that the data we collected, though valuable as a starting point, was too broad and that our study parameters were not refined enough. To that end we will run the FPS case study another season.

The specific question we are trying to answer is based on the statement, “New clone guns shoot hotter than the current MAA FPS meaning new players who buy these guns cannot play with them at our Open Sessions”. So….by having a 400 FPS rate knowing that many new guns shoot over that do we ostracize new/younger players who only have the new clone guns? We are not trying to increase our FPS rate so people can build or mod their guns to higher FPS rates. As always, the MAA wants to make sure new players can play in a safe and regulated environment.

The 2009 case study collected data on all AEGs, the owner, the manufacturer, model, and a 3 shot average FPS rate. This was a lot of data to collect and disseminate. In 2010 we will be focusing on the specific question we are trying to answer so the following will be the chronograph procedure for the MAA 2010 Open Session:
  • 1. All AEG’s will be chrono’d
    2. All AEGs will be counted
    3. All AEG’s 400 FPS or under will not be recorded
    4. All AEG’s over 400 will be recorded
    • a. Player name
      b. Gun manufacturer
      c. Gun model
      d. New gun or custom/upgraded gun
We want to count all AEGs simply so we have a total number to compare to. Specific to our question all Sniper and or custom/upgraded guns, though counted for reference, will not be included for our comparative study. We only care about new guns. We will also attempt to compare data from last year to see if there is a drop off in FPS for the new AEG’s as we know their spring quality is inferior.

All in all we want to know if it is truly worth increasing our FPS rates to accommodate new players. We have factored in that many veteran players own new guns as well….but they are aware of the MAAs FPS rate and take on the responsibility of having to downgrade as needed. We are aware that other local groups are scope locked on this topic with many groups wondering why we would break from the “FPS Standard” we helped to set and have supported for over 10 years. The simple truth is the MAA has always been about safety and helping out new/younger players. If increasing our FPS rate is needed we will do so because it is the best thing for our player base. If we break from the national standard then our players will need to know and accept the fact that when they travel to play they will require a different or modified gun.

We WILL have this settled by the end of the 2010 season as this entire process has caused a lot of confusion in the local and 5 state Airsoft communities but in an effort to stay ahead of this issue the MAA feels that it is a necessary inconvenience.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to PM me.
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