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Post by THE ARCHANGEL » Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:55 am

The MAA realizes that not everyone has the money to immediately invest in a good Airsoft gun. That sometimes you just want to try something new. Maybe you need a replacement AEG in case yours breaks before a game. Or perhaps you want to entice your friends by letting them use an Airsoft gun at an open session but don't have enough extras of your own to equip them. With those scenarios in mind the MAA has acquired a stock of AEG's for public rental at our events.

These Airsoft guns are considered heavily used and are in stock configuration (no upgrades) but are still fully functional (as we do regular tune ups) and should more than meet basic requirements.

$20 flat for 4 hours.
  • 1 AEG
  • 1 Charged Battery
  • 1 High Capacity Magazine (Not loaded, model specific)
  • 1000 Rounds
3 x ICS MP5SD5
1 x Tokyo Marui MP5SD5
2 x ICS MP5A4
1 x Tokyo Marui Steyr AUG Civilian
1 x Tokyo Marui AK47
1 x Tokyo Marui M16 variant (solid stock, M4 foregrips)

  • Rentals must be reserved by PM no less than 24 hours before an MAA event. Requests not received by then will be fulfilled by the discretion of the Rental Officer/Game Organizer (i.e. no guarantees so PM a reservation early).
  • The MAA does not always bring rental guns so if you think you have need of one, let us know in advance.
  • These rental guns are available ONLY at MAA events (Open Sessions) and will not rent Airsoft guns to people for use at other games or events (Membership exceptions).
  • Extra High Capacity Magazines are available by request for $5 (not for all models).
  • 1000 rounds of .20 BB's are included with AEG rental. If renters wish to use their own BB's they must make sure they are using rounds by approved and well known manufacturers (i.e. Tokyo Marui, Excel, KSC, Maruzen, Marushin, G&G, Guarder, etc.). Generic or rounds of an unknown manufacturer are not allowed. If a rental AEG is broken due to use of poor quality BB's by the renter, the renter will be charged for damages. Use of .12 rounds is prohibited. If the renter does not know if their BB's are approved for use in the Rental, they should check with the Rental Officer or Game Organizer.
  • The MAA requires all renters to sign a Rental Contract before renting. Breach of contract will result in banning from MAA events, legal actions where applicable, and public admonition of the player in violation.
For reviewal, the following is the text of the Rental Contract:
The Minnesota Airsoft Association? is pleased to offer Airsoft Players, Enthusiasts, and all other interested parties the use of our rental equipment. Before rental you will be informed of the proper handling procedures for the item/s as well as briefed on our contract. If you have problems with the item please return it immediately, do not try to repair it yourself. We will be happy to replace non-functioning equipment with another rental as available or refund your money (time considerations apply). If you have any questions, comments or problems please notify the Rental Representative immediately.
By signing this document you accept the following: You acknowledge that if the item rented is returned broken, malfunctioning, or otherwise not as it was issued, you may be held liable and required to reimburse the Minnesota Airsoft Association? for damages. If a rented item is lost while in your possession you will be accountable for replacing the unit at current market price. You acknowledge that the item is fully functional at the time of rental and will endeavor to return it in the same state. You agree not to alter or attempt repair of this item and will notify the Rental Representative immediately if you have issues or problems. You acknowledge that you have been informed on the proper handling and usage of the item.
Your signature is proof of your acceptance of this contract.
For all Rental questions or to reserve a rental for an MAA event, please PM THE ARCHANGEL.
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