a question about "protesting"

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a question about "protesting"

Post by Ozzy » Fri Dec 05, 2014 6:45 pm

DISCLAIMER: This is not a rant about recent events involving "police brutality", nor is it about starting any form of violent upheaval, I'm not advocating violence in any sort, however I will use it as an example. I'm simply trying to understand the logical reasoning behind certain acts vs the opposition(s) and since many of you have backgrounds in a variety of government branches (or the like), perhaps you can fill me in with some insight.

It would appear that with the current state of human civilizations and their "problems", that protesting is the trendy thing to do when something is not going their way. Not just in America, but all across the world. Fine I get it. However, I don't understand why the people who protest (for whatever reason) seem to think that grouping up together and marching "peacefully" for said cause is going to solve anything.

1st example I'd like to bring up is Bahrain. For the last 4 years since 2010, that country has been in complete upheaval and a large portion of it's citizens have risen up to protest for a variety of things. Thousands have been jailed. Thousands more injured during the protest(s) against government forces, hundreds (if not more) dead from said conflict(s). Yet the people protesting are still protesting "peacefully" (albeit some "violently").

My point is, the opposition (the Sunni government leaders) does not give not 1 F#@k how many people they jail,hurt or kill. THAT government like all governments is a living, breathing, calculating entity. It has X amount of power and will wield X amount of force to continue to control what it wants or can (as any controlling entity would do). So why would you go and "peacefully" protest against that entity??? They have the man power, the ordnance/supplies and the obedience & willingness of it's members to use lethal force against the protesters.

So why would you keep protesting if the opposition doesn't give a shit about killing you?

Now....I'm not stupid, I understand how things function. The Sunny leaders and it's constituents don't want to simply start exterminating the uprising population for a bunch of reasons, be that economic, political or simply so it doesn't become the next Syria. So as much problems as that government may have, they have to keep themselves in check and simply play a game of attrition against the uprising populous, while continuing to use lethal force against it's citizens.

But my question remains..... Why would you keep protesting if the end result is death? Why not simply arm yourselves with whatever means you can, track down who those government forces (or government leaders) are and .....well.....kill them? Those government forces/leaders obviously live somewhere, they sleep some place, they go to work at X place, they walk out of X place, they have families, they shop at certain places. It's 2014, it doesn't matter if you live in a back water primitive country like Bahrain, you can still find out where those people live and kill them.

2nd example:

All those recent shootings of "black men" in America. All those protests. All those mini-riots. All that hootin' and hollerin' is not going to stop more black men from being shot and killed by the police. Nor is it going to change anything. PERIOD! so why keep protesting? Wether peacefully or violently?

The controlling entity will NEVER yield. NEVER!!!!!11111. That controlling entity has an objective and it will achieve that objective at any cost. Protesting against such an entity is futile, that entity has it's roots deeply, DEEPLY imbedded in just about every aspect of your daily lives AND it has the rescources necessary to counter just about everything you do (as seen by the highly militarized police forces these days) ~{ I call them Five-O 2.0 }.

So force on force conflict with those cops (as a whole) is obviously ridiculously stupid. But when I see those vary same cops ACTUALLY using excessive force during certain protests and get away with it..... It's the same as example #1. You can still find them, you can find out where they live, who are their families, where they shop, where they work and they, just like you, are not untouchable and they can get murked too.

Same can be said about all the other worldwide protests *COUGH*hongkong*COUGH*. Have you seen how many people were on those streets?

http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/arc ... 56116b.jpg

http://www.marxist.com/images/stories/c ... p-2014.jpg

It's like the best ultimate Zergling rush EVER! With that many people... You really don't need to "protest".

So.....why protest? It's 2014. They got guns and shit, they got microwave weapons that make you feel like you gettin' cooked like a hot pocket. They got sonic weapons that drop you to your knees like someone casted a "PETRIFICUS TOTALLUS" spell on you. They got robots YO! Flying ones with missiles too! It trully doesn't seem logical in this day and age to protest against a controlling entity. You just gunna get F#@ked up.

The only conclusion I could come up with was: "we as a specie are still very primitive and we like to make noise, flail our arms and burn shit to make a statement but we are not capable to truly put foot to ass on those who oppress us"

"you don't want beef with people like me, so don't pretend/ I'll resurrect yo aborted baby and kill it again!/you get no props in hip hop/ like feminine men!"

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Re: a question about "protesting"

Post by Guges Mk3 » Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:01 am

Mainly this: "The only conclusion I could come up with was: "we as a specie are still very primitive and we like to make noise, flail our arms and burn shit to make a statement but we are not capable to truly put foot to ass on those who oppress us".
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