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Newer, but not new.

Post by SGrog » Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:13 pm


I have posted a few times in other areas, most recently about bull pups, but in doing more research, I believe I have a better direction that I am looking to go.

A little about me, I am a 5'11", lets say heavier 23 year old who currently only fixes vintage military equipment (Into radios, and equipment), but in trying to get in better shape, and have some fun while doing it, I am looking at airsoft. Initially I am looking at just staying in the Metro area, doing local skirmishes, and what not, but eventually I would like to attend a Milsim West, Lion Claws or American Milsim event.

Before I get into what I am thinking for equipment, one thing I have had a question about, that I think I understand from reading here is that the size of BB, lets say .20g vs .28g, can have a difference in effective distance? Whereas the .20g may be a 350 FPS round, and lets say goes 200 feet, the .28g will be more true in direction, but be at a slower FPS, say 280-300 FPS, but be able to go roughly lets say 280-350 feet? Does the sheen of the BB affect how it travels, or how winds affect its travel, etc?

For the basic starter pack I am looking at the following:
*Safety goggles
*Face shield
*Airsoft rifle (M4 style)
*Spare Magazine or two.
*Hydration back pack
*Mid ankle boots (Probably my Merrel mid boots)

Dream/ Goal pack:
*Goggles (ESS Turbofan, seems to be a great option as I fog up everything else)
*Face shield
*Helmet (Either Mich, or Opscore style, preferably something that can be a bump cap)
*Headset (ear protection and communications)
*Plate carrier
*Backpack (with hydration pack built in)
*Leg pack for first aid kit (something like a 3 person 2 day First Aide Kit)
*Mid angle boots
*Belt (with pistol holster)
*Magazine pouches
*Enola Gaye Pouches
*Radio pouch (with radio)
*Extra batteries

Gun wise:
*Looking at M4 style AEG with rails for flashlight, and maybe a camera and scope. (Dont want anything super fancy)
-Looking for it to be very sturdy, and not sure if metal or plastic is the way to go.
*AEG pistol, USP, or really whatever might be a good reliable secondary.

Let me know what you think!

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