Why was my topic locked/deleted?

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Why was my topic locked/deleted?

Post by Erik » Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:07 am

Here are some things that will get your post locked or deleted, and may result in a warning. This is by no means an all inclusive list.

It's not my intention to stifle or censor anyone, but as I am fond of saying, this board is a public service, not a public utility, and we as an Association owe it to our members to have relevant and useful content. It's the mod's judgement what that means. If you wish to appeal any mod's actions, you can take it up with the President.

For what it's worth, these criteria reflect my discretion as a moderator. Other mods may be more/less generous. I'll let them speak for themselves.

I may provide some examples here; if they happen to be your posts - deal with it. You should have known better. Don't worry, it's all water under the bridge.

Some of this should be obvious, but maybe it's not. I figured I would share with everyone my approach to moderating the board, in the hopes that some folks might put a little more thought into their posts.

1.0 Useless Topics.
By far the most time-consuming issue. Don't post for the sake of posting. If your post can be summed up by saying "Wouldn't it be cool if..." or "I really like..." you are probably headed down the wrong road.
wouldn't it be awsone if u could play Airsoft at the mall of america
1.2 You have no idea what you are talking about.
I see this a lot with newer players, responding to other players' "help" questions. Gabe calls this the "Knowbie" phase, where a new player is starting to gather information but usually lacks the experience to provide sound advice. A key indicator is when someone recommends a particular gun, accessory, or piece of gear, but has no personal experience with it. I usually just delete these topics, because I don't want secondhand bad advice poisioning the minds of other players.
I herd that D-boys has the best mechboxes my cousin has one, he had to replace some parts but it's awesone
1.3 You ask a question, then argue with the people who try to answer it.
If you don't want an answer, don't ask the question. Players who answer questions are trying to help you. Arguing with their answers or acting like their opinions are beneath you is just plain rude. There is a LOT of knowledge on this board; you can take or leave advice. Example:
1.4 Will the diameter of the JG SVD Barrel fit on a BOYi AK74 ???????? I am looking for a simple swap for my RPK???
That depends...Does the BOYI copy the TM AK design or the VFC AK design??
The JG copies the TM AK design, so if the BOYI does NOT use the TM design, then the answer is no.
BTW, just throwing a long barrel on an AK does NOT make it an RPK.
Ok....tone down the I am an expert a little guys........ If I need an answer about the appropriate hand guard on a rpk I will ask , other wise , I think I can figure it out;P
1.5 You have an idea which will revolutionize Airsoft as we know it.
Over the years I have seen more "revolutionary" ideas that I can list here. More often than not the person with this fantasitic idea has very little actual experience playing Airsoft. These flights of fancy include homeade Land Warrior systems, cornershot devices, homemade claymores, homeade stun and frag grenades, UAVs, RPGs, encasing a gun in foam rubber to make it "silent", weird camouflage designs, etc. You put up a thread like this and you will inevitably look silly. I will usually let these threads run their course, but whenever I see one, I know eventually I am going to have to lock it.

1.6 Anything illegal.
I have news for you. If you are doing something illegal (for example, backyard Airsoft) don't come to us expecting sympathy. Also, don't suggest defrauding retailers, playing illegally at night to avoid the cops, playing in public parks, playing in vacant buildings you do not have lawful access to, shooting strangers for fun, carrying your guns illegally while you walk your dog, circumventing firearms laws, or anything else that is a violation of the law. All of the previous examples have actually happened. These threads will be locked immediately and, if neccessary, local police will be involved. Examples:
when i want to go mess around i go to my buddies house in the white house behind and we mess around in the bog,
the entire neighborhood is fine with it, if they wernt we would have been notified
1.7 Anything inherently unsafe.
Examples here include playing with improper equipment, using illegal explosives/fireworks or chemical bombs, Using a .177 BB gun as a sniper rifle, etc. Again, these are an immediate lock.

1.8 Discussing real firearms in poor context.
Now I own real guns too, an even discuss them on the boards, but there are right and wrong ways to do this. Parents, police, and the media all read this forum. (Please note: you and your friends are not the only people on the Internet) We are all ambassadors of Airsoft and those of us who talk guns are ambassadors of the firearms community. So what's not right? "Joking" about shooting people, discussions about how to beat the legal system, anything potentially illegal are going to get locked and deleted immediately. Example:
I personally, because I'm such a paranoid psychopath with delusions of grandeur, I take my KJW M9 with me when I walk my dog....I'm not 21 yet so I can't legally carry a firearm (can't obtain a CHL), but I want to, so airsoft works well for that (I know it's not any more legal than simply carrying a real steel w/o the license, but I feel better about it)
1.9 Schemes/Spamming/Fraud
No, I don't mean bots, I mean pyramid schemes and other questionable ventures that people sometimes get involved in, and then try to involve us in, so they can get money to buy Airsoft. We're not interested. Example:
this is no spam i am a 14 year old airsoft who needs money, and i was searching on the web and i found this, i have already cashed my first check for 33 dollars, and another check is coming for 16.10, i made that money in about 5 ours tops,people make hundreds of dollars though, they have proof on there forums or on there site, its real easy go to there site and check it out, go to that exact link below,click on it
1.10 Personal attacks.
Feel free to disagree. But disagree with and discuss the subject at hand, not the person bringing it up. Insults and personal attacks bring nothing to the boards. This includes dragging a player's name into a dispute they have nothing to do with. On a related note, if an argument is clearly getting heated or the parties involved keep repeating themselves it's headed for a lock. On that note, this board is not your personal chat room. If you want to talk trash with your frienemies, do it somewhere else.

1.11 Attitude is Everything
This board is a public service, not a public utility. However, except for extreme cases, I don't usually ban anyone for the first offense - I prefer to send warnings. But if you get a warning and you display a poor attitude, I will definitely ban you. The length of the ban will depend on YOU and YOUR attitude.

1.12 We're going in circles
Goes something like this: a player has a question or wants something. Forum members answer the question and offer several options. He can't accept those answers for whatever reason, and asks the question again hoping for a different answer. Eventually the discussion starts going in circles. "What gun should I buy" threads usually end up there. Here's another example:
Q: i am gunna put a mp5k on the front of my g3

A: That won't make you a better player.

Q: Yes it will

A: No it won't.
1.13 Wot am the best gun? There is some advice on selecting the best gun in the Newbie-FAQ section. There is also a sticky at the top of that section which sets ground rules for this type of question. The search function is also recommended. We're here to help, but we are NOT going to do all of your work for you.

I am sure I will think of more as I continue to moderate the forum. Thanks for reading, keep posting responsibly!
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