Sell the gun or get back into airsoft?

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Sell the gun or get back into airsoft?

Post by Strelok » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:00 pm

TL;DR: I want to sell my damaged AEG & accessories but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble... I also kind of like the idea of getting back into airsoft. What do?

I have an old Echo 1 m14 and a bunch of gear from about 8 years ago (holy SHIT 8 years?!) when I first started trying to get into airsoft. Getting out to games proved too difficult and me and my friends lost interest. I've been throwing most of my old gear on Craigslist lately - most of which I never actually needed to play in the first place... ugh. Kids.

Anyways, I have this m14 without a bolt cover/charging handle which was by far the greatest part about the thing... SUCH a nice sound. The spring guide for the charging handle broke when I took a rifle-first dive into a pile of rocks during a game, which caused the handle and cover to slide to and fro as they please. Less of a nice sound when it's constantly happening. So now I have a broken AEG that's been torn apart and put back together by a newbie. All the parts were pretty simple and I didn't get into the internals at all but it's missing a couple things (flash hider, might also be missing the front sight) and the stock won't fully press back together.

So; Is it even worth trying to sell at this point? I still have a battery, charger, barrel covers, BBs, mags, loaders, and a mask. I'd honestly prefer to just get the money back but I have a feeling it's going to be very difficult to sell and I'll probably get a disappointing return... although, it would be a really sweet cheap setup for someone trying to get into the sport. If I keep it I'll probably throw a new barrel and hop up in it and probably do a full lipo-ready gearbox upgrade when part of it fails. Man, I miss talking about this stuff.

Also would like to take a moment of appreciation for all the members of the forum who have dealt with the most ludicrous questions and assertions from hormone-charged 14 year olds like myself from back when. Old username was Vertigo if anyone happens to recall.

Thanks, guys.

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Re: Sell the gun or get back into airsoft?

Post by Archer » Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:55 am

Honestly, there hasn't really been a better time to be into airsoft. Quality fields, and people running large games are quite common in MN right now, to the point it's hard to choose which games to go to.

As far as the gun goes, it sounds like it's had a good life. I wouldn't expect to sell a used gun, even in good condition for more than about 60% of what it costs to buy new. this sounds like it's in rough shape, so your best bet is to find someone else that already has one and sell it to them as a parts gun. probably $30-60 tops, depending on rarity and condition of the parts that are left.

a lot has changed in 8 years as I'm sure you know. I highly recommend you look around. you might be closer to games and I'm sure that you now have a little more ability to move around on your own since you can drive.
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