Operation Rice Paddy XI 7-OCT-2017 (Newfolden, MN)

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Operation Rice Paddy XI 7-OCT-2017 (Newfolden, MN)

Post by Rekkon » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:37 pm


When: October 7, 2017
Cost: $20 pre-registered; $25 walk on
Where: Falls Moto Club, Newfolden, MN
Google Maps Coordinates: 48.311937, -96.292259
From Thief River Falls, MN, travel north on Highway 59 toward Newfolden for 14 miles. Watch for a Falls Moto Club sign on the right. Take the first right (eastbound) after the sign onto 300th St NW. The field entrance will be the first right after the railroad tracks.
Contact Person: Ryan Voigt
Contact Number: 218-686-9182
Contact E-mail: DutchVander@hotmail.com

To pre-register, send a Paypal payment to DutchVander@hotmail.com. You are responsible for Paypal fees. Please do not send Paypal payments as “gifts.” Aside from risking Paypal’s ire, I cannot refund gift payments. Pre-registration will be open through October 2nd. After that only the walk-on option will be available. Please include the following information in the Paypal comment section for each player you are registering:
Team Preference

Player space is unlimited, but we will be maintaining a US:VC ratio of 1:1 for this event. If we get too many US players, registration for that team will close until we get more VC players. Remember, it is first come, first served. If you have any inclination to join the VC team, please do so. The US side is popular and fills up quickly.
US registration is currently: OPEN
VC registration is currently: OPEN
Be sure to fill out both waivers in full. This is especially true if you are under 18 and plan to attend without a parent/guardian. If you are under 18 and show up without the parental sections properly filled out, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

Please ensure that all players you are registering have read the event rules. We will be following the Minnesota Airsoft Association standards. Be sure to read and understand the entire Requirements and Restrictions section.

If US registration is closed, I will allow people to be put on a “waiting list” for the US team under the following conditions:
1. They have a paid registration.
2. They are willing to play on the VC team if space on the US team does not become available (and it may not).

Age Limits
*Players must be 14 years old or older.
*If you are under 18 years old, you must have written permission from a parent/guardian. Having a parent/guardian sign and date both waivers will fulfill this requirement. Players under 18 must wear a full, unmodified paintball mask.

0800 – 1000 Registration and Chrono
1000 – 1030 Safety Briefing
1030 – 1100 Assume Starting Positions
1100 – 1730 Game On

Be on time! The game will not wait for you if you are late. All event staff are needed on the field during play. If you are not present, chronoed and ready to go by 10:00, you WILL miss the first phase of the game and have to wait for someone to come back to staging to get you checked in, chronoed, etc. Other people have paid money to be at this event. I will not make them wait for stragglers.

Note: While the scenario plan contains breaks, these are primarily for administrative tasks and to brief players on the next phase of the game. In general, you might not have time to return to staging and replenish consumables. Plan to carry everything you need for the whole day and/or stash gear at your team’s base. Players may return to the safe zone at any time, but some scenarios will not allow players to join or rejoin while the scenario is in progress.

Scenario Details TBA

1. Requirements and Restrictions

1.1 Waivers
All participants must sign these two waivers.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/odihxth5wvx8u ... r.doc?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcrq2r8czyugn ... 7.pdf?dl=0

You only need to fill out a single page of the motocross waiver per person. If you are 18 years old or older, fill out the third page (Release and Waiver of Liability). If you are under 18, you and a parent/guardian fill out the fourth page (Minor Release and Waiver of Liability).

1.2 Eye Protection
All players must wear full seal, ANSI Z87.1 rated eye protection. Eye protection not intended for airsoft or paintball, like shooting glasses, chemistry goggles, sunglasses, etc., is NOT acceptable. Wire mesh eye protection is NOT acceptable. Players under 18 must wear a full, unmodified paintball mask. While on the field, all players and spectators MUST wear acceptable eye protection AT ALL TIMES. Period. If you have fogging or some other problem with your goggles, return to the safe area to sort it out. Event staff reserves the right to determine what is acceptable eye protection.

1.3 Safe Area
The parking lot, changing room, mini-motocross track and surrounding area is a designated safe area. All weapons must be SAFE and MAGAZINE -FREE and have a BARREL BLOCKER ON in the safe area. For the safety of players and their vehicles, discharge of weapons is NOT permitted in the safe area. Do not fire into or out of the safe area. This includes dry firing. Do NOT pull the trigger of your weapon while in the safe area for any reason. No exceptions.

I will say it again. A barrel blocker of some kind is required to be on your weapon at all times in the safe area. If you do not have one, you will be required to purchase one from the event staff. Do not assume event staff will have enough blockers for sale for everyone. Pistols do not require a barrel blocker as long as they are kept in a holster at all times in the safe area. M203s and other launchers must have their shells and/or projectiles removed.

Barrel blockers not intended for that express purpose (socks, mittens, pockets, etc.) are NOT acceptable. If you have questions about a particular barrel blocker, contact the event staff before the event to see if it will be approved. If you do not have an appropriate barrel blocker you do not play.

1.4 Uniforms and Tac Gear
US players must wear a matching camouflage top and bottom. Any camouflage pattern is acceptable (woodland, multicam, ACU, etc.) though Woodland is preferred for uniformity. US tac gear may be any color or pattern so long as its use does not obscure the wearer’s affiliation (i.e. woodland T-shirt and black tac vest).

VC may wear any solid color or non-camouflaged clothing, including civilian clothing. VC tac gear may be any color or pattern as long as its use does not obscure the wearer’s affiliation (i.e. tan T-shirt and woodland tac vest; VC players may skirt this issue by wearing a distinctive Vietnam-style rice straw hat).

1.5 Radios
Only US players are allowed to have radios. The VC commander and any embedded refs may have radios for event organization purposes. Huey pilots and the US commander may also use radios. US players may use any radio channel except channel 1. This channel is reserved for event coordination between team commanders. If you need to contact an event coordinator, call for one on channel 1.

1.6 Other Things to Bring
Water –Stay hydrated!
Killrag – A red killrag is required for this game. If you do not bring your own killrag, you will be required to purchase one from the event staff.
Watch – To keep track of how much time is left for an objective, coordinate actions, etc.
Food – No meal will be provided at this event.
Bug Spray – Unless you like feeding ticks and mosquitoes.

2. Weapons

2.1 Velocity Limits
Most* weapons will be chronographed with .2g BBs provided by the event staff. Bring an empty magazine with you to the chrono station. Velocity limits with .2g BBs are:
AEGs, gas guns, pistols and shotguns: 400 FPS or below
DMR weapons: 450 FPS or below
Sniper weapons: 550 FPS or below
DMR weapons must be incapable of full automatic fire and are not allowed to engage targets closer than 25 feet.
Sniper weapons must be bolt action weapons incapable of full or semi-automatic fire and are not allowed to engage targets closer than 50 feet.
Velocity reducers are not allowed.
*Pistols need not be chronographed unless they are non-blowback or CO2 powered.

2.2 Magazine Restrictions
Players may carry ONE high cap of no more than 600 rounds OR as many mid/low caps as they want. Box, drum and C-mag magazines will only be allowed on weapons that are real world SAWs/LMGs. Event staff reserve the right to determine what may be used as a SAW.

2.3 Reloading
Players may carry loose ammunition and speedloaders and reload whenever and wherever they wish except when reloading is restricted by a specific scenario.

2.5 Lasers
The use of any kind of laser device, on or off weapon, is not allowed.

2.6 Grenades
All players are allowed the use of airsoft and dummy grenades (maximum two). All grenades must be thrown underhand. If a grenade lands within 10 feet of a player, that player is eliminated unless they have hard cover between them and the grenade. Regardless of distance, players are eliminated if they are struck by a BB from an airsoft grenade. If a player does not realize a grenade has landed near them, politely bring it to their attention and inform them that they have been eliminated. It is encouraged to yell “grenade!” or “frag out!” to help alert enemy players that a grenade has been thrown. Tennis balls may be used as dummy grenades. Hueys and any embarked passengers are immune to grenades.

2.7 Mortars
Mortar rounds have a 20 foot kill radius from point of impact unless a player has hard cover between them and the round. Hueys and any embarked passengers are immune to mortar rounds. If you see a mortar round impact, call out everyone that was in the kill zone. It can be easy to not notice a high angle NERF round come in, so let people know.

2.8 Booby Traps
Window alarms, airsoft claymores and landmines are allowed as booby traps. You must be struck by a BB from an airsoft claymore to be eliminated. Sonic booby traps (like window alarms) and landmines have a 10 foot kill radius. If you trip a booby trap, don your kill rag and turn off the booby trap (if it is a sonic type). Leave the booby trap in place so the owner can find it again. If you spot a booby trap, you may disarm it by moving the tripwire or turning it off. Again, leave it in place so the owner can find it again. Hueys and any embarked passengers are immune to booby traps and landmines.

2.9 M203 Launchers
M203 launchers are only allowed to use BB shower shells. No other launcher or M203 shells are allowed. BB shower shells may be used to shoot down moving Hueys. A significant number of BBs from a shower shell must hit the Huey to shoot it down. The number of M203 launchers on the VC team will be restricted.

3. Engagement

3.1 Hits and Elimination
A player is hit and becomes eliminated if a BB strikes any part of his/her body or gear, including slung weapons or weapons in holsters. Weapon-in-hand hits do not count. Players are also eliminated if they are bang killed or if they are within 10 feet of a grenade, booby trap or landmine. Players are eliminated if they are within 20 feet of a mortar round or artillery strike. Dead players may proceed immediately to their designated respawn point. Dead players cannot communicate game information to live players.

3.2 Bang Kill
Minimum engagement distance is 10 feet. Inside 10 feet, players shall use the “bang” kill rather than shooting their opponents. Players are only allowed to bang kill a maximum of two opponents at one time. No machine gun bang killing sprees. The bang kill should be used when you surprise an opponent at close range and have him or her “dead to rights.” The bang kill cannot be used around corners or against opponents behind cover. If two players bang kill each other at the same time, they are both eliminated.

3.3 Blind Fire
Blind fire is not permitted. You must be able to see your target down the length of your weapon to shoot at it. You may not blind fire bang kill either.

3.4 Head Shots
Players shall not deliberately shoot opponents in the head and face if they have the choice of targeting another part of the body. If your target is behind cover and only exposing his head, go for it. Head hits do count.

4.0 Hueys and UAVs

4.1 Transport
One or more small vehicles may be in play on the field to simulate Huey helicopters for the US forces. Hueys may transport troops around the battlefield; they may also carry dead players back to respawn. Players are not allowed to embark or disembark from a Huey unless it is at a complete stop. Passengers in the back of a Huey are not allowed to fire their weapons. All players riding in a Huey are immune to all BB fire while it is moving. Do not shoot the pilot or passengers of a Huey until they disembark.

Hueys are allowed to carry a maximum of four people, including the pilot. That means no more than three non-pilot players; one in the passenger seat and up to two in the back.

4.2 Huey Gunship
The front passenger in a Huey may function as the gunner and fire his weapon from the vehicle. Only the front passenger of a Huey may fire his weapon from the vehicle. The Huey gunner has a restricted firing arc. He may only fire his weapon out the front window of the Huey and up to 90 degrees out the right side of the Huey. Gunners must remain completely inside the Huey while it is moving. Do NOT lean out of the Huey to fire your weapon.

4.3 Pilots
Hueys may be operated by designated pilot players ONLY. No one else is allowed to drive the vehicles. Pilots are only allowed to carry a side arm and may have a radio.

4.4 Shooting Down a Huey
Hueys and their passengers are immune to grenades, mortar rounds, mines and booby traps. Hueys and their passengers are immune to regular BB fire while moving. When stopped, Hueys are assumed to be hovering and can be shot down by a prolonged burst of fire from any AEG. M203 BB shower grenades may shoot down Hueys while they are moving (a significant number of BBs must hit, not two feebly plinking one of the tires).

When shot down, a Huey may drive up to 25 feet to “crash.” The pilot will don a kill rag to mark that the Huey is “dead” and all passengers must immediately dismount.

4.5 Huey Respawns
To respawn a Huey that has been shot down, the pilot must drive the Huey back to the staging area and remove his dead rag. The Huey has now respawned and may immediately return to play. No passengers (alive or dead) are allowed to ride in a dead Huey.

4.6 UAVs
One or more multi-engine remote control copters may be in play to simulate a UAV or air surveillance. The UAV is unarmed and can only report your position. Do NOT shoot or impede the UAV in any way. Your only option is to hide from it. Do NOT shoot the UAV operator. He will either be stationed off field or marked with an orange vest, kill rag and/or orange cones. We do not want the UAV to crash because the pilot flinched at the wrong time. If you happen to see the UAV crash, remember the location and report it to your commander but leave the wreck in place for the owner to recover.

5.0 Gameplay

5.1 Embedded Refs
This event will make use of embedded referees. Embedded refs will play as regular players but will also watch to ensure that players are playing safely and following the rules. Embedded refs, regardless of their team, may carry radios for event organization purposes. These refs have the authority to eject people from the event so play clean!

5.2 Respawns
Respawn rules will vary by scenario, so pay attention to the scenario briefings. Most scenarios will make use of one of the following respawn systems. Additional respawn restriction may be in play for certain scenarios.
Instant Respawns
For scenarios using “instant respawns” the player need only return to one of their team’s respawn points and touch the flag. He/She is then immediately back in play.
Clock Respawns
For scenarios using “clock respawns” there will be a clock at the respawn point. Every five minutes by that clock (e.g. 3:00, 3:05, 3:10…) all dead players currently at that point respawn. Dead players must wait at the clock until it hits the next five minute mark before they can return to play. This means you could wait 4 minutes and 59 seconds or 4 seconds, depending on when you reach the clock.
Token Respawns
For scenarios using “token respawns” there will be a bucket containing loose poker chips and a small container with a slot in the top. To respawn, place a token from the bucket into the container. If no loose tokens remain, you cannot respawn and must remain dead at the respawn point.
Respawn in Place
For scenarios using “respawn in place,” players will sit down where they were hit for five minutes. After time has elapsed, they may remove their kill rag and reenter play. Players respawning in this manner should allow nearby enemy players to clear the area and not use their respawn to suddenly return to play at close range. Similarly, live players should not camp downed enemy players waiting for them to respawn.

5.3 Supplies
Supplies will be represented by wooden crates, metal ammunition cans, large barrels and other obvious items. A player may only carry one unit of supplies at a time. If a player is hit, they must immediately drop whatever supplies they are carrying. If this happens to you, please remember where you dropped the supplies and attempt to recover them if the enemy has not. Props cost money.

Any supplies present at a flag are safe and cannot be stolen.
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Re: Operation Rice Paddy XI 7-OCT-2017 (Newfolden, MN)

Post by andre » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:46 am

If you live in Northern MN this is as good as it gets for Airsoft in the Northwoods.
Rekkon puts a ton of effort into this game, providing all the props and a few surprises.
Come on out for one of MN's longest running Airsoft games. 8)
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Looking forward to the next MNSOC game.

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Re: Operation Rice Paddy XI 7-OCT-2017 (Newfolden, MN)

Post by Rekkon » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:32 am

andre wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:46 am
Come on out for one of MN's longest running Airsoft games. 8)
*has to stop and think for a minute*
Holy crap, it is. I took over for Rice Paddy III in 2009.
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Re: Operation Rice Paddy XI 7-OCT-2017 (Newfolden, MN)

Post by Rekkon » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:39 am

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Re: Operation Rice Paddy XI 7-OCT-2017 (Newfolden, MN)

Post by Rekkon » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:48 am

A reminder there is only one week left to pre-register.

At this time only one person is pre-registered. Adding in Facebook "Going" individuals and others who have committed in person only brings us to 6-7 players, well below usual. If you or anyone you know was planning to attend, please get pre-registered so I have a more accurate player count. I will have to make a go/no-go call October 2nd or 3rd.
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Re: Operation Rice Paddy XI 7-OCT-2017 (Newfolden, MN)

Post by Rekkon » Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:03 pm

Players numbers are now solid. Time to see if the weather will cooperate.
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