Aug 19th Vietnam Milsim. Big Lake Tactical

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Aug 19th Vietnam Milsim. Big Lake Tactical

Post by travis17ss » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:29 pm

Aug 19 at Big Lake Tactical. Bloody Bayonet Vietnam milsim Nov 1965 Units of the 1st Cav Divison land in the Ia Drang valley via helicopter and meet stiff resistance.
The initial North Vietnamese assault against the landing 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry at LZ X-Ray was repulsed after two days and nights of heavy fighting on November 14–16, with the Americans inflicting heavy losses on North Vietnamese regulars and Viet Cong guerrillas. In a follow-up surprise attack on November 17, the North Vietnamese overran the marching column of the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry (1st Battalion's sister unit) near LZ Albany in the most successful ambush against U.S. forces of the war.
Join us at Big lake Tactical as we re-create small unit actions from this battle. There are no uniform restrictions, though we encourage use of OD Green and woodland for US forces. Hi caps will be limited to designated Machine guns or squad automatic weapons on a basis of 1 MG for every 5 players. You may carry as many midcaps as you like, and MG gunners may also carry unlimited hi-caps. No inert/dummy grenades, they must be Tornados or Thunder B. Missions will consist of both sides given tasks to complete by Travis, who will act as a "higher command" resupply , laying minefields and breaching them. Ambushes, deliberate attacks on fortified positions. The night battle will start at 830pm, and battles will last to 1130pm. If there is a large turnout of players, I'll bring out the real steel MG 42s & MP 40's and shoot some blanks. chrono will open at 930 (for New arrivals) and battles will commence at 10am and last until 430-5pm FPS limits for full auto 400 & below, 400-450 semi only dmr, with 50 ft minimum engagement distance. 450-500 fps 100 minimum engagement, bolt only.

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