zombie game Aug 12th BLT

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zombie game Aug 12th BLT

Post by travis17ss » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:16 pm

Aug 12 Big Lake Tactical --Zombie Apocalypse: The Masscre
Chrono starts at 930am games start 10am-5pm. pistols and shotguns. B. Address 22615 County Road 75 Big Lake. Boffer weapons will be needed for the Zombie game. There are some boffer weapons available to use.
Zombie Scenario 1-
will have Humans who carry an infectious disease and will compete with others to find the hidden “antidote” which is good for healing/curing 2-4 players and must successfully bring it to a secure location to administer it to themselves. However, if any Humans are shot while attempting to recover the antidote, they will turn immediately into Zombies, (and must put down their weapon and tac gear) and then can only be immobilized for 30 seconds with 1 hit from a boffer weapon (shooting them with bbs has no effect).
Zombie scenario 2-
a limited number of humans will defend one or more of the buildings ( 2 story barn, 4 level tavern and 4 level House) with a limited number of bb’s against he Zombie horde, who will attack them in waves. 1st wave Zombies can walk only, it takes 2 bb hits to stop them. 2nd Wave Zombies may move at a slow run/jogging pace with 4 bb hits to stop them. 3rd wave Zombies may run at full speed, 6 bb hits to stop them. Humans may not shoot Zombies inside the buildings, or at a range of closer than 20 ft, (no BANG kills) and must use a boffer weapon with 1 strike to stop the Zombies.
Scenario 3 (Lone Survivor) : Cold and alone; Do what you can to survive. Mind their teeth. . . Everyone spawns alone, throughout the AO. 0 respawns=you die you turn Z. Every 5 minutes the field will shrink signaled by air horn. 1 minute to leave quarantined area. If you don't you die and turn Z. Turning into a zombie also includes runnig out of ammo and/or gun malfunctions. Zombies within 10 ft must be melee killed ( knife/boffer weapon.) Zombies are allowed to talk amongst each other. When zombies are hit melee or gunshot they must freeze for 15 missippi seconds then continue their hunt for brains.Zombies also have a 10ft Sprint radius. Get within 10 ft you can Sprint at players. Last man standing wins a bag of candy.
Scenario number four. Evil Dr. Z caused the infection. Naturally he is the only one with the antidote. Dr. Z is trying to escape his research facility(village), with his security unit, to his safe house(tbd). Security team must escort him AND the antidote to the safe house. Survivors. Must stop Dr. En route to his safe house. He must stay alive though because he only knows How to administer the antidote. There are a set number of infected survivors that must be administered by Dr. Z but don't forget the ever menacing zombies they'll be lurking where you least expect it! . Yes three Squads! Same zombie rules as lone survivor game apply. Bring your friends the more the merrier!

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