July 22 Team Missions at Big lake Tactical

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July 22 Team Missions at Big lake Tactical

Post by travis17ss » Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:12 pm

July 22 Team Missions Games at Big Lake Tactical Wargames.

You do not need to be on a team to play- individuals are welcome.

You will be forming random and different Teams from new people during the
event. They will consist of 3-4 players and will change through out the day.

If you have a radio you should bring it. Medic Rules will be used for respawns.

Your team is against all the other teams- there are no temporary alliances.

Gameplay- you will form your fireteam with 3-4 players, then approach the

admin table and you will be given a map of the field, and 1 punch (index cards)

card for each player. You will be given 5 objective locations-These are

points out on the field you will find and go to, (they are marked by a yellow

wood sign with a large letter painted on it, on top of a metal post). The points

you will locate and travel to are written on your punch card. After receiving your

mission and locating your points on the map, you will then put on your red 10x

10 dead rag on your head and head to your first point- this simulates a

helicopter insertion into the A O. When you reach the point you will take out

your index card and punch it with the red punch device, then remove your

dead rag. Proceed to other points in any order. When you reach your last point

the order is reversed, each player punches their own card, and you put on your

dead rag and are no longer in the game and must proceed to the admin table

(simulating extraction by helo from the A O. ) Though everyone is operating in

teams, scoring is individual,. when you turn in your own punch card marked

with your name, you receive 1 point. Event staff will keep track of all players

points. Masking tape will be used to medic team members. Anyone can medic

another player, you cannot medic yourself. Rules will be read before game

start. $20

Chrono starts after 930am. .20 bbs will be used
Gas guns chrono with . 30 bbs Games from 10 to 430pm.
Bio BBs required !! trying out new DMR rules as of July 18-
- Up to 400 fps, no restrictions
- 400-450, semi only, 50 feet min.
- 450-500, bolt only, 100 feet min.
22515 Co Rd 75 Big Lake. Rental guns available.
Barrel blockers are required, you MUST have one to play!

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