July 8th Nite Games & Truck wars at BLT

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July 8th Nite Games & Truck wars at BLT

Post by travis17ss » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:25 am

July 8th Double header games at Big Lake Tactical Wargames

$20 for 1 game or $30 for both. 22615 Co Rd 75 Big Lake

Truck wars games- pick up trucks or jeeps will be used in the

games for scenarios as well such as Convoy escort/ ambush,

Transporting fire teams around the field to secure objectives,

VIP escort as well as making gun runs on the other team.

See attached pic for complete rules. Chrono to begin 930 am.

400 FPS and below for full auto, using .20 bbs above is semi

only, with a 100 ft engagement distance. HPA and GBB

chrono with .30 bbs max FPS 327. Bio bbs required.

Games start 10-1030 when enough players have arrived to

form teams. games will last until 430-5pm. There will also be

a swap meet in between games from 5pm to 8pm, if you have

guns and gear to sell or trade! There is a full moon, the night

game will take place from 9pm to midnight. Chrono will start at

8pm. We will be using red chem lights/glow sticks as kill rags.

Other chem lights will be for referees and game objectives.

Games played VIP escort, team death match in village using

1st floor only, control of strong points around the field, capture

the flag (chem light). I am in need or referees for these games,

if over 18 please contact Travis. pay is $50

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