May 27th Big Lake Tactical Ukraine vs Russia

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May 27th Big Lake Tactical Ukraine vs Russia

Post by travis17ss » Thu May 25, 2017 9:02 am

Ukraine vs Russia May 27th Big Lake --There will also be a swap meet at this game. If you have gear & guns to sell or Trade bring to this event! There will also be a raffle prizes!Ukrainian Rebels vs Russian Army. May 27th MILSIM game. Vladimir Putin has decided to bring the Ukraine back into the domination of the Motherland and it is up to you as Soldiers of the Red Army or rebelling Ukrainians to decide the outcome!
Uniform restrictions: All Russian forces will be wearing green based uniforms, such as woodland BDU. Ukrainian rebels are tan based (multicam, desert camo, etc). If you have tan and green uniforms please bring both to the game so you can switch if teams need to be evened out.
The game will be based on control of at least 12 strongpoints or strategic areas. Each commander will be allowed airstrikes or artillery barrages.
Organization: Players will be broken down into squads. One squad leader, one medic, one support, and several riflemen.
Weapon & mag restrictions: Semi restrictions are in place to encourage squad coordination in completing objectives rather than having players just hosing down the AO. All players will shoot on semi auto with the exception of the squad support weapon. Riflemen will be restricted to mishaps only, or a maximum of two high caps. These restrictions are in place to encourage ammunition conservation. If there are not enough dedicated support weapons at the game (M249, RPK, etc) then squads which lack these weapons will be balanced by designating one player as the automatic riflemen to fill the support role.
The Russian side (green) is led by Team BROMANDUDE, and the Ukrainian rebels (tan) are led by Team Militia. Team command is responsible for coordinating the squads, organizing a reserve, and managing attacks and withdrawals. Medic rules will be used to keep squads in the fight. Players SHOULD bring radios. This game is about communication, tactics, & team work (following orders & working with your leadership ). Fps limits: above 500 is 50 ft minimum engagement distance. Above 400 is semi only. Below 400 no restrictions. Chrono starts 930am, games till 5pm. Age restriction is 16 and up. Players who arrive in civlian clothes will likely be used as partisans depending upon numbers. Admission $20. Address is 22615 Co Rd 75 Big Lake MN
There will also be a swap meet at this game. If you have gear & guns to sell or Trade bring to this event! There will also be a raffle prizes!
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