April 15th Big Lake Tactical Wargames. Operation Gold Digger.

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April 15th Big Lake Tactical Wargames. Operation Gold Digger.

Post by travis17ss » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:06 pm

April 15th Big Lake Tactical Wargames. Operation Gold Digger. Trouble has erupted at the ACME Mine Co In Azkrakistan. The mine produces much silver, gold and diamonds in the region. But the companies work force fearing layoffs due to local Gov't instability, has broken into 3 different factions- each taking precious minerals for thier own profit. Greed has reared its ugly head an now they are all fighting each other.... Players will dig for gold and bring it back to a base/stronghold area, while stealing or preventing the other teams from doing the same.
address is 22615 Co Rd 75. chrono 930am game will start as soon as I have enough people for 3 factions! games will end at 430
Players can carry up to 5 pieces of Gold (silver or Diamonds) on them ata time. Teams can leave 1 person at the mine digging and they can put the Gold on the ground next to the mine. The mines consist of 1 or 2 5 gallon plastic pails full of rocks and an empty pail to put rocks into. Simply dig in the pails until you find gold. You can put it on the ground for other players to pick up. There is NO throwing of the Gold 1. Its a rock and 2. It will get lost. You must hand it to someone. You transport the Gold back to your base, which can also be raided. You may be robbed. A robber would say Hands up or Surrender your Gold, if they give it to you, The situation will then be treated like a parlay. The person who gave up the $ will go back the way they came at least 100 feet away. If someone shoots the robbed player in the back, the person who did it is dead also. If you are killed while carrying gold, you can give it to a teamate (not exceeding 5 peices) , a nearby referee, or ALL the way back to the mine BEFORE respawning. The team with the most Gold, diamonds, etc at end time wins. Games from 10am to 430pm. Fps limits 400and below for full auto above is semi only. Address 22615 Co Rd 75

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