Required Information for all Open Games

All Non MAA Sanctioned Open Games held in and out of state. Organize future Airsoft play dates, skirmishes, events, and plan new ops.


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Required Information for all Open Games

Post by Erik » Wed Aug 02, 2006 12:20 pm

The MAA requires the following information be posted in all threads for Open Play Sessions and Skirmishes:

1. Full name of responsible ADULT - person over 18 - who is sponsoring the game.

2. Name and contact information for person giving permission for land use. This person MUST be an adult and a legitimate representative of the land owner.

3. Name of law official and/or agency contacted about the game.

Here is a sample of how I would have posted this info for a skirmish at Ham Lake:

Sponsor: Erik D. Pakieser
Landowner Representative: Dan Nelson (caretaker) 763-555-1212
Law Enforcement Notification: Anoka County Sheriff's Office, Sgt. Glen Rodgers

Open game & skirmish threads which do NOT have this information are subject to immediate locking and deletion within 24 hours.

MAA-Recognized, established playing venues - OASIS, 82nd Recon, Combat Paintball, First Force, etc. are exempt from this policy.

Please direct any questions to me. Thanks for your cooperation.
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