All Non MAA Sanctioned Open Games held in and out of state. Organize future Airsoft play dates, skirmishes, events, and plan new ops.


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Post by Erik » Sun Jul 30, 2006 1:58 pm

The MAA is committed to ensuring that Airsoft is played in a safe and legal manner. We are all too aware that unsafe Airsoft play endangers life and property and could bring the sport into disrepute.

The MAA recommends that players attend only MAA-Sanctioned events where the MAA Charter and Safety Rules are followed.

The MAA reminds everyone that games posted in the Open Play Sessions and Skirmishes Forum are NOT MAA SANCTIONED. The MAA assumes no responsibility for any illegal acts, injuries, civil liability, or criminal prosecution which arises from games posted in this forum.

Use of MAA Game and or Charter rules without specific and cited permission is prohibited and offenders game notices will be deleted.

Players are strongly cautioned that unlawful and unsafe Airsoft can result in the following negative actions, including, but not limited to:

1. Police responding with deadly force.
2. Arrest and criminal prosecution of participants.
3. Civil liability, to include lawsuits.

Players are also reminded that a minor - any person under 18 - cannot assume or absolve any civil liability. In the event a minor is involved in a civil lawsuit, the minor's parents are liable WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE PRESENT.

The MAA reserves the right to report unlawful and/or dangerous activity to the proper authorities and other 3rd parties. We also reserve the right to lock/delete topics which mention potentially unlawful or unsafe acts.

It is not the intention of the MAA to suppress open playing sessions; we merely are concerned about our own liability and the preservation of the Airsoft hobby. The MAA Safety Manual contains detailed information about how to set up an open game which is safe and legal.

Please direct any concerns regarding this post to the MAA Safety Officer. (ERIK)

Thanks for your support.
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