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Post by Downtown » Wed May 07, 2014 10:30 am

Redline Airsoft Firebase Regulator
Date of Review: 5/7/2014
Author: Matt “Downtown” Brown (


I recently was sent a Redline Firebase Regulator for Trail and Evaluation from the folks over at Redline Airsoft. Redline is a Midwest Company (Wisconsin) and has made some of the very best products for airsoft players running the Polarstar (P*) Weapon System. While I have used their hoseline and some other minor parts, I have never used their highly touted Firebase Regulator systems until now.

The Regulator came in a plain medium sized padded envelope via USPS. Shipping actually only took a day (since I am in Minnesota). When I opened the packaged I found a heavy weight, sealed, plastic bag containing:
• Firebase Regulator Assembly
• Redlines Exclusive Big Bore Braided Hose
• 2 self sealing mini quick disconnects (1 gun end and one manifold end)
• Instructions

The Firebase system is a breeze to set up. All you need to do is attach a bottle and screw down the red universal connector (UC). The Nice thing about the Firebase UC is that you can add a back up bottle O-ring for your HPA bottle.
Once the bottle is charged, you can stick an Allen key in the end and adjust to the desired pressure. The gauge is large and very easy to read. Also located on the Allen Key port is an integrated tournament lock that prevents players from adjusting pressures during game play.

Picture of integrated tournament lock

My Firebase unit came with the manifold quick connect pointed in the upper port. Since I run a bag on my back, I needed the quick connect pointed in the down position. This was easily done by removing the Allen key plug and the quick connect fitting. This took a total of 3 minutes. Just be sure to re-apply thread tape to all connections to prevent leaking.
Another awesome feature of the Firebase Regulator is a high flow pressure relief valve. The relief valve helps protect your Engine from over pressure in the event of either a regulator malfunction or an accidental operator over-adjustment of the regulator.

OUTSTANDING! I have my P* tuned @ 60psi with a red nozzle and Redline .030 Shim Kit. My gun with M4 Barrel chrono’d at 376fps with .2’s. With this configuration I was easily hitting shots of 250+ feet. My air consumption was greatly reduced and this regulator handled everything I threw at it and then some. I tried high Rate of Fire (RoF) and even lower psi. This system did not even hiccup or drop any performance. This unit is indeed well worth the money. To be fair, I think my $30 SMC regulator is a good regulator for using only SLP systems. But if you want the ability to use SLP or HP bottles, this is the unit for you. It is very compact and is built to last.

NOT EVEN A QUESTION  Built with high grade aircraft aluminum.

$160.00 USD

If you are looking for a regulator to handle ALL of your P* builds, this is the one. From Support Weapons to DMR’s, the Firebase is your solution. No matter what your bottle output pressure, this unit with take what you throw at it and it was impress you every step of the way. Go over to Redline Airsoft ( and tell them you saw our review.

-Downtown Signing OFF

5 out of 5 stars!
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