Firefly/Serenity themed LARP/Airsoft event July 16-17 at Apocalypse Paintball in Wisconsin.

There will be a public area here for all people to discuss the event and a private forum for players who wish to play together under the MAA Banner.
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For reference and to get a feel for the game (also I'm tired of downloading it):
At no time during the game will a player be allowed to break the seal of the goggle from around their eyes when in the Free-fire area. Please allow a player time to pause and properly don eye protection if they are making their way out onto the field (this includes chasing that player).

Only goggles / eyewear that meet the following requirements will be allowed:
• the impact standard for goggles is ANSI z.87.1.
• they must fully encompass the eyes, with no gaps.
• it is recommended that they be fitted with a head strap to keep them from falling off.
• the lens frame must be sturdy enough to keep the lens in place during play.
• Mesh goggles are no longer allowed due to field restrictions.

All minors under the age of 18 years old will be required to wear full-face masks covering the mouth, ears, nose and other soft tissue while within the Free-fire area. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Barrel blocking devices such as the paintball approved barrel socks/condoms, or holsters for airsoft sidearms are required to be secured over player’s gun barrels at all times. The only exception is at the target range or on a playing field after the game starts. Please allow a player time to pause and properly attach a barrel blocker if they are making their way out onto the field (this includes chasing that player).

All handheld or slung airsoft guns must be magazine free (“Mag Out”) in the staging and parking lot areas. Sidearms are not required to be mag free as long as they are holstered.

All guests must transport their guns in a safe manner. Specifically, all guns must be carried in their original packing boxes or a soft or hard shell case suitable for real firearms, until you are in the Safe Zone.

All airsoft guns must be chronographed prior to game time. Only 0.2g BBs allowed during chronograph. Metal BBs not allowed in the event. 8mm weapons only allowed if inspected and approved by OC., Players may also be chosen at random for handheld chronograph spot-checks.

FPS Limits are:
>AEGs & GBBs: 400 FPS w/ .20 gram BBs.
>Single-Shot, Semi-Auto, or Bolt Action Sniper Rifles: 550 FPS with .20 gram BBs.

All airsoft guns will be chronographed prior to the beginning of the game using .20 gram BBs. You will be given 2 attempts, consisting of no more than 3 shots each, in which to chronograph at the appropriate FPS. If your gun is unable to chronograph legal after 2 attempts, you will not be able to use that weapon in the game.

Once your gun passes the chronograph test, it will have a colored zip tie attached to it classifying it as either a Standard or a Sniper class weapon. No airsoft weapons without zip ties will be allowed on the field of play. All guns are subject to a chronograph test at any time deemed necessary by the event organizer or referees. Any modifications made to your gun after being chronographed found to increase your FPS will result in your immediate and permanent removal from the game. No refunds will be issued.

Players may only discharge their airsoft weapons at the target range or in the Free-fire Area of the playing field. No shooting within, into, or out of the Safe Area, the Parking Area, the Camping Area, or the Trading Post.

NO BLIND SHOOTING - Players MUST sight down their airsoft weapon while they are shooting. No shooting around corners or over barriers without looking. NEVER thrust an airsoft gun muzzle into an armored vehicle vision slit from the outside.

TOWER/STRUCTURES – When shouldering a weapon, players may not shoot more than a 45-degree angle downward from the top of structures or towers. This is to stop BBs from striking the top of the head and possibly going into goggles. Players are not allowed to shoot through small cracks or holes in structures (example, warped boards on the walls of the castle) but may fire through large holes, gaps caused by missing boards, windows, or doorways.

10-FOOT NO-FIRE - Players may never fire an airsoft gun at another player who is closer than the minimum engagement distance of 10 feet. If an opponent is closer than 10 feet away, a player may ONLY attack or defend with a hand held padded melee weapon, a NERF stunner, or by Brawling. Airsoft guns may not be used as melee weapons, nor may they be used to block melee weapon strikes. Do NOT fire into an open vehicle window or door with an airsoft gun from within ten feet. Use common sense and courtesy; if an opponent is close (11-20 feet), use trigger control and don’t light them up.

NO BANG KILL – Players may not inflict a wound on another player by using a “bang kill”. They must resort to withdrawing to a minimum distance, using a NERF stunner, attacking with a melee weapon, or brawling.

HEADSHOTS - While headshots count, players are asked not to intentionally target another player’s head with an airsoft weapon unless it is the only target your opponent presents to you.

Players should avoid all field hazards such as fences, ruts, and vines. Guests should report any hazard to the field operator. Players may not construct anything that will hinder the movement or cause injury to other players. Players are not allowed to construct any sort of trip wires or roadblocks. Players may never climb trees or tree stands, enter or exit a structure through a window, or climb under a vehicle (ever) or on a vehicle without vehicle's owner's permission.

Players are not allowed to bring onto the playing field any equipment deemed unsafe by the Event Organizer. Players on the field are not allowed to carry real knives or edged weapons of any kind, explosive or other pyrotechnic devices, real firearms, or other non-Airsoft related items.

Rubber melee weapons, latex melee weapons, boffer melee weapons, NERF-launching RPGs, BB landmines, cold smoke grenades, BB grenades, or any other specialty weapons must be individually approved by the Event Organizer before use in the game.

No smoking on the playing field or target range. Smoking is allowed in the Safe Zone and parking areas.

No unwanted name-calling, slurs against anyone’s race, color, national origin, family members, teams or equipment will be tolerated. Guests wearing clothing with offensive wording on them will be asked to remove the garment.

Keep in mind that this is a LARP (Live Action Role Play,) and that some players are roleplaying characters that will act badly towards other characters within the game. A character may be hostile, or may double-cross you, or may cheat your character out of money within the game setting. Do not let personal friction between in-game characters become real-life vendettas once the game is over. Please control your temper so as not to ruin the spirit of the game.

A player may not touch another player or their equipment at any time without their expressed permission, except to place a hand on the shoulder of a player to “capture” or “carry” that player.

Players may not be physically bound without their express permission, whether it would be in game or not.

Any decision a referee makes is final and will not be discussed on the playing field. The referee will discuss any calls in a calm manner off-field after the game or scenario is over. Difficult rules questions should be brought to the Event Organizer for resolution.
Players who are found by a referee to have violated any of the rules listed here will be asked by the Event Organizer to leave the game with no refund issued.

All players must be fifteen years old or older to participate; players under fifteen must be personally pre-authorized by the field owner and event coordinator. Players under eighteen years old are required to have a Parental Waiver signed and dated by their parent or legal guardian.

There are ammunition restrictions in the Freefall event series. Some are in the rules (detailed below) and some may be enforced in game by different factions (like the trading post forcing people to keep weapons outside or the Alliance fining people for not having permits). Players are EXPECTED & REQUIRED to follow the restrictions for the event series like mag restrictions, but they are NOT required to follow in-game rules like permits (that is the player's choice).

Pistols, Shotguns, and Springers
A player may carry any and all types of magazines for pistols and shotguns. They may reload and refill these at any time without any penalty.

AEGS, Support Weapons, and Sniper Rifles
A player with an AEG may carry an unlimited number of standard/midcap/non-winding magazines and ONE Hi-capacity magazine which will be marked during chrono. Players armed with Support Weapons may field ultra-high capacity Box or Drum mags. All AEGs have restricted ammunition and their magazines MAY NOT be refilled on the field. If you run out of ammo, you cannot refill them with BBs until you return to an Ammo Crate. There will always be an Ammo Crate in the safe zone at the trading post, but other factions and groups may also have their own Ammo Crates in their bases.

NERF Launchers, RPGs, Mortars, and M203s
Due to the innaccurate, slow, and limited ammo supply for these weapons, they may be reloaded without penalty.

A player is downed if a BB strikes any part of his/her body, from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers to the bottoms of the feet, including any of equipment or gear worn. A player is also downed by a latex/rubber melee weapon hit from within ten feet.

When a player is downed by gunfire he will call out loudly “I’M HIT”. He will immediately COLLAPSE where he stands and place a kill rag (red piece of cloth) on a visible area of his body. A downed player must remain still until another player revives him or her with a Medipak. No players are allowed to shoot at downed players. A downed player MUST be lying down… no standing or kneeling (kneeling is ok only if in sloppy conditions) when hit and displaying a kill rag.

Downed players may call out for a medic or help but may not communicate in any other way or give away intel to anyone.

A player who is downed from behind with a rubber knife MUST immediately collapse SILENTLY, without crying out or otherwise attempting to attract the attention of his or her teammates.

Eliminated players are not allowed to give any equipment or supplies to any other player, but may quietly leave equipment lying where they were eliminated.

Hits to a player’s gun do not down a player; however, they do damage that weapon. The gun is unusable until it has been “repaired” at the Freefall Trading Post.

Airsoft is a game of HONOR and Sportsmanship. ALL players strive to exemplify fair play and call their hits, regardless of circumstance. In situations where a player isn’t sure, he or she should give the opponent the benefit of the doubt and simply call the hit.

Cheating will not be tolerated in any form by any player. If you are caught cheating you will be ejected from the event, asked to leave and you will NOT get a refund.

Do not call other players out. If you have a concern, address it respectfully with that player or contact a ref or the Event Organizer. Do not let another player's unsportsmanlike conduct turn you into an unsportsmanlike player.

Unlike airsoft shooting, which is only allowed in the Free-fire area, Brawling is game-legal in both the Free-fire area and the Safe Zone. A player may be temporarily Knocked Out (KO'd) by brawling. A KO'd player must immediately and SILENTLY collapse to the ground and remain lying as though unconscious until revived by another player. Anyone can revive a KO'd player by shaking them awake and helping them get back up. A player does NOT display his or her red Kill Rag when KO'd. There are no Wound Numbers inflicted by Brawling, so a Medipak is not required to revive a KO'd player. A KO'd player comes to without assistance after 1 minute.

A brawl between players is simulated by a vigorous round of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” The challenger approaches within striking distance of his or her chosen opponent brandishing a closed fist and shouting “Brawl! Three, Two, One” If the defender cannot or does not immediately close his or her fist in response and begin the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” three-count, the defender is automatically KO'd by the challenger on the count of ONE; if the defender “fights back,” the winner of the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” round is considered to have landed a good punch, and the loser must immediately collapse as if unconscious. In case of a tie, the brawlers have the choice to do another round, or to stop brawling.

Two or more challengers may “gang up” on a single defender in a brawl, as long as every challenger in that brawl does “Rock, Paper, Scissors” at the same time; this way, it is possible that the defender might be able to KO one or more of the challengers before being KO'd himself.

Armor does not prevent being KO'd.

A stunner is a NERF or similar branded toy gun that shoots soft tip darts, foam balls, or similar safe projectiles. If a foam projectile strikes your body or equipment, you are considered KO'd. Stunners can be used in both the Free-fire area and Safe Zone. Stunners are the only projectile arms that can be used in the Safe Zone.

Melee combat is the act of striking another player with a hand held weapon. All melee weapons may be used in both the Free-fire Area and the Safe Zone. These weapons may not be thrusting or punching weapons. Any style of sword, knife, axe, club, etc. is allowed AS LONG AS IT IS USED ONLY TO STRIKE OR HACK. A strike on another player must be a LIGHT to MEDIUM strength hit. Excessive force used in melee combat will result in ejection from the event.

Latex or other Rubber melee weapons cause WOUND damage as if being struck by an airsoft BB.

Boffer or other Foam melee weapons cause KO/STUN damage as if being brawled or shot with a NERF stunner.

All melee weapons must be inspected and tagged prior to use. Players caught with melee weapons that have not been inspected will forfeit those items until the end of the game or be kicked out of the event.

A player is considered captured, restrained, and carried when TWO other players stand on either side of that player and each places a hand on that player’s shoulders. This means the player may not run, fight, or break free. COMPLETELY RESTRAINING ANOTHER PLAYER ALWAYS REQUIRES TWO OTHER PLAYERS! If only one person is escorting another, the escorted player is NOT restrained and may draw a weapon, begin a brawl, or attempt to flee at any time.

Wounded players may be dragged by another player at a walking pace. If another person assists in carrying the wounded, they may jog. NO RUNNING WHILE CARRYING WOUNDED.

Any player with an unopened Medipak may revive any other downed player, regardless of team affiliation. To revive a downed player, a live player must open a Medipak and place it in the downed player’s hand. The downed player revives, reads the Wound Number printed inside the Medipak, and immediately begins to roleplay the severity of his current wounds. The Wound Number value of each Medipak can vary from 1 to 5, 1 being the lightest wound and 5 being a near-fatal wound. Wound Numbers are cumulative (they add up). A player must carry every opened Medipak (usually put in your character envelope) that has been used to revive him/her, adding up their Wound Number total and roleplaying the appropriate level of injury until treated by a Doctor. A player who reaches a Wound Number value of 6 or more dies immediately.

A Medic can “heal” (remove) one opened Medipak at a time anywhere in the field by replacing it with a Medic’s Field Dressing Card and by having an ACE bandage wrapped around a limb on that player. A player may only bear one opened field Dressing Card and bandage at a time - a player who is already using a field Dressing Card and bandage cannot be given another one by the Medic. Only a Doctor can “heal” (remove) all of a player’s opened Medipak wounds and Field Dressing at once by doing surgery on the wounded player at his MedCenter in the Trading Post. The length of surgery and medical attention is dependant on the severity of the wound and the skill of the Doctor.

Doctors are the only characters who can attempt "life saving surgery" when a walking wounded player returns to town. This is a time intensive and random process, with poor odds of success... but there is still a chance to save that character.

Wound Totals
1– Light Wound. You may only fire a weapon on semi-automatic, and must roleplay the appropriate injured location (fractured rib, bad shoulder, sore leg, etc.)
2 – Moderate Wound. You may only shoot a pistol or similar light sidearm. You must roleplay the loss of function of the one most appropriate limb. You are downed automatically in a Brawl.
3 – Serious Wound. You may not fire any weapon. You must roleplay the inability to stand up on your own, but may crawl unassisted. You are downed automatically in a Brawl.
4 – Severe Wound. You may not fire any weapon. You must roleplay the inability to move under your own power. You are downed automatically in a Brawl.
5 – Critical Wound. You may not fire any weapon. You must roleplay complete unconsciousness, with the occasional optional seizure for additional drama.
6 – Corpse. You are dead, dead, dead. Hit the ground and stop twitching. Display your kill rag for at least 5 minutes and then go and check in with an OC or Ref.

Body armor subtracts from a player’s Wound Number total. For example, if you have 5 wound points but are wearing 2 points of armor, you are actually at 3 wound points.

Light Armor - 1 Point. Armored vest, flak jacket, plate carrier, or appropriate single piece armor.
Heavy Armro - 2 Points. A combination of Light armor plus additional pieces such as shin guards, forearm guards, hockey pads, etc.
Helmet - 1 Point. May be worn with or without body armor.

Body armor and helmets must be submitted for rating by the Event Organizer before they can be used in the game. The Event Organizer will give you Armor Cards totaling the value of the armor you wear. Armor does NOT stop BBs, blades, brawling, or stunners or allow you to ignore these attacks... it merely assists with your wound totals.

If you are wounded and abandoned there is a good chance you will not survive... but you do still have one. If you are wounded and left bleeding for a minimum of 5 minutes, you have two choices. One choice is to bleed out and die. The other is to muster up your character's last bit of strength and willpower and begin slowly dragging your carcass back to the Safe Zone while dramatically roleplaying a very wounded state. You may not run, jog, or leisurely walk... you are on your last ounces of strength and all you can do is crawl and stumble back into town before you die. You must immediately go to the town doctor or medical facility and check in with that NPC - no Medipaks are capable of healing you now. The medical NPC will attempt to do life saving surgery on your character; if successful, you may heal up and continue playing but it may take time for your character to heal. If not successful, you die on the operating table and your character is dead.

If you die, you must check in with a Ref or Event Organizer. You do not automatically respawn like you do in most airsoft games; death is harsh and takes you out of the game for a little while. Most likely you will get shipped out to work as slave labor in the mines for a period of time, but that is up to the Event Organizer at the time of your death.

Upon coming back to life as a new character, you should refrain from using knowledge that your previous character possessed. For example, if you were a lowlife crime boss who had dirt on people, you wouldn't know any of that information if you came back as a law-abiding deputy for the local sheriff.

A player who is downed, Knocked Out, severely wounded, restrained, or otherwise incapacitated may be looted by another player. A looting player holds out his or her open hand, palm up, and says, “Looting!” The looting victim MUST hand over any and all game cash, props or equipment in his or her possession to the looter. Only game money and game props/equipment supplied by the Event Organizer can be looted in this manner. Personal property and/or personal weapons may not be demanded or taken.
Game money can be used to hire mercenaries, pay debts, and purchase information and items of value within the game. The three types of currency in use on Ataraxia are: the Ataraxian Dollar (small bills usually only accepted by residents of Ataraxia,) the Alliance Credit (large, colored bills accepted anywhere there is a strong Alliance presence) and the Platinum Coin (a Chinese-style coin accepted anywhere in the Verse.)

A federal bank may or may not be available during any particular Freefall event. The bank will be manned by an appropriate Federal player or NPC. The bank may be open all the time or it may only be opened at specific times throughout the event; banking hours will be specified during the event.

In order to use the bank, you MUST present a valid in-game ID card; slave laborer NPCs without ID cards are not allowed to use the bank. Each character will be issued a ticket with a unique number on it. The Banker will write down that number and your name on an envelope; this will be your personal bank account. You may deposit money into this account at a cost of a 5% fee. Any money inside the bank is safe, cannot be looted, and is guaranteed to your character or a beneficiary.
You may withdraw money out of this account at another 5% fee.
You may transfer funds from one account to another at a cost of 5%.

The Bank box cannot be looted, stolen, broken into, or otherwise tampered with by any character. Stunning or brawling the Banker will only come into effect after the current transition is completed and the bank box is closed and locked. Periodically, however, the banker will need to transfer funds off world via shuttle; this is the only time the banker or any money related to the bank is vulnerable to theft or looting.

Sniper weapons must be single or bolt action rifles (gas or spring) or a Semi-Auto AEG that is unable to fire full-auto.
Minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet from your position.

A sniper rifle must fire between 400 FPS and 550 FPS with .20 BBs.

All snipers must have a spotter. If the spotter is eliminated, the sniper can only continue using his sidearm or AEG.

A sniper's secondary weapon must be firing under 400 FPS. This weapon must be used whenever your opponent is less than 100 feet from your position.

The Event Organizer and Referees are the authorities in determining weapon eligibility. Their decisions are final.

Automobile-based vehicles are confined to roads and parking areas. ATV-based vehicles may travel off-road. All vehicles are limited to speeds under 5mph while on the field of play. Players on foot must stay at least fifteen feet away from a moving vehicle, unless they are members of the vehicle’s crew. Players on foot may approach a stationary vehicle. All players must follow any and all decisions or commands by the vehicles driver. Failure to do so will result in being removed from the event.

Gas-powered “RPGs” firing 2-inch diameter closed-cell foam (NERF) rockets are used to simulate shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons. ONLY THOSE RPGs PERSONALLY APPROVED BY THE EVENT ORGANIZER MAY BE USED IN THE GAME. A hit by a rocket anywhere on a vehicle disables that vehicle and downs all that vehicle’s occupants. A disabled vehicle must stop immediately, turn off its engine, and display a red flag to indicate its damaged status.
RPGs may be used to disable landed spacecraft in the same manner, except that the occupants of the spacecraft are NOT downed by an RPG hit (the spacecraft’s containment shielding will protect anyone onboard from blast damage.)
A disabled vehicle or spacecraft may be repaired by an Engineer.
An RPG hit to the side of a small building or tent downs all the occupants of that building or tent.

If a player chooses to quit the game for any reason, he or she should don a Kill Rag and clear his or her weapon before leaving the field. Players are requested to inform a Referee or the Event Organizer that they have left the game before departing.

PLEASE NOTE: Leaving the field in this way will withdraw you from the game, and, depending on circumstances, you may or may not be allowed to rejoin the game later. If you left play as a result of being downed or Severely/Critically Wounded and abandoned, the Event Organizer will probably declare your character dead and allow you to re-enter play as a new character (a vengeful sibling of the dearly departed, perhaps….)
If the player merely needs a break from play in the Free-fire Area, he or she is encouraged to make their way to the Safe Area around the Trading Post, but remain in character and in the game. Oftentimes, valuable information can be gathered in the Safe Area.

Players are expected to display patience and courtesy to all other players during the night game. Confusion can set in and rules and actions may need to be clearly communicated to other players so that the game may continue without incident.

All weapons rules apply, including the airsoft 10-foot no-fire rule. Sniper weapons and RPGs are not allowed. Vehicles are not allowed. Brawling and looting are both still acceptable at night.

Any player who wishes to play outside the Safe Zone must have a blinking white or red light or red/orange glowstick to use as a "Kill Rag" for the night game. If you do not have any of these, you are confined to the Safe Zone.
A player who is hit during the Night Game must display a BLINKING white or red light or glowstick to indicate their elimination. LEDs or flashlights that can be made to blink are acceptable for this purpose.

All Reavers will be portrayed by Event Organizer-assigned NPCs. Reavers are allowed to use any weaponry or armor they choose but do not collect money or engage in conversations with other players. REAVERS DO NOT LOOT. Rather than looting, Reavers only seek to capture other players alive in order to torture and devour them.

Reaver NPCs MUST wear appropriate clothing and gear to portray their image. Reavers are never allowed to talk to non-Reaver characters (Only guttural gurgles, screams, growls) unless it is in out-of-game context and only if it is extremely important - a safety emergency, rule clarification, injury, etc.

Reavers do not use advanced team tactics other than ambush, pursuit, wave attacks, and moving to close combat. Reavers do not retreat, and will always pursue a running character, much like a feral dog will always chase a running small animal.

Reavers will attempt to stun and drag live or wounded captives off for "eating," but have no interest in dead players displaying kill rags. A captured player who is rescued is considered to have been saved from the Reavers, but is also automatically considered to be Severely Wounded and must be given immediate medical attention. A Reaver NPC may assign specific wound damage to a captured player (severed fingers, gouged-out eye, etc.) that the captive will have to roleplay. These “Reaver Wounds” are applied to your character card just like other wounds cards.

Reavers have altered metabolisms and vary widely in their toughness. Reavers may require multiple hits from wounding ranged and melee weapons to be taken down, but must role play each hit dramatically. Reavers also may require multiple hits from NERF/boffer shots to stun, but must role play each hit dramatically. As per other players, stunned Reavers revive as soon as they are touched by another player.

Reavers cannot be healed by med packs and cannot be looted or captured. When a Reaver is finally downed, it falls to the ground with its kill rag visible. Certain characters in the game may offer bounties for Reaver scalps. If a player comes close enough to touch the downed Reaver and announces “scalping”, that Reaver must hand over their “scalp” (a small piece of hair or fake fur). Be aware that Reavers sometimes use their wounded as “bait” to draw in victims. After 5 minutes, if no one comes up and “scalps” the Reaver, it withdraws to the designated Reaver landing area.

An ordinary player whose character is killed in the course of the game must report to the Event Organizer. The Event Organizer will confiscate and destroy your character’s ID card and your bank account tickets, and you will spend at least 1 hour in an Event Organizer-assigned NPC role before being allowed to start a new character. The most common role assignment is as a slave laborer NPC. The Event Organizer will assign you to an overseer who will put you to work, keep track of your time served, and release you after your term is up. Players caught breaking field rules, or being otherwise troublesome for field personnel or event staff, may be penalized by being forced to play as a slave laborer NPC for a period of time determined by the Event Coordinator.

Overseers do not usually allow slave laborer NPCs to carry any weaponry or engage in combat, unless they are gladiators or similar slaves used for gambling. A slave laborer NPC may be wounded, KO’ed and looted like any other player. Slave laborers NPCs who die from wounds have to start their entire term of service over again.

Slave laborer NPCs may attempt to escape, but they will not be reissued new character ID cards until their terms of service are up. When you have completed your term of service as a slave laborer NPC, report to the Event Organizer to be issued a new ID card.

The Freefall Bazaar will work like a swap meet; individuals and teams can bring extra gear/weapons/site-legal stuff that they can then barter with other players or the Trading Post for items or game cash. Any player can sell for barter or game cash from a blanket or table in the Freefall Camp area - this could be a fun "game within a game" role for those Firefly fans that want to play characters in the safe area only and do not want to risk getting shot up on the field.

Gambling using IN-GAME CASH ONLY is allowed.

Professional vendors with valid Wisconsin Sales Tax numbers may sell items for real money, but they must register with the Event Organizer first and agree to provide $50.00 worth of product for sale for game cash as their vendor booth fee. Anyone with questions regarding vending items should contact Event Organizer Todd Meyer at

There will be a designated Bazaar NPC or Referee.
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