Due to community requests the MAA will be organizing a sequel to our highly successful 2004 event, Airsoft Missions Minnesota.

Scheduled for September 26th at the MS40 site, Airsoft Missions 2009 will pit teams versus scripted OPFOR for a series of fast paced challenging missions.

This forum will be for general information, rules, questions, and sign up.
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Post by THE ARCHANGEL » Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:13 pm

It is with regrets that I am canceling/postponing Airsoft Missions 2009 due to lack of Team sign ups.

Many thanks to our 2 registered teams, FoRT and Skeeter, I will be refunding your money next week.

Many thanks to our OPFOR volunteers, without which the event could not happen.

And thanks to those who spent the last few months brainstorming and writing missions to play.

With pleasantries aside, let me air some thoughts on the cancellation of this event:

I have heard from several groups that they were still thinking about registering and or they did not want to sign up since they didn't think the event would happen.

To that, I can only say....WTF? 4 months. There have been 4 months to plan and register. Ample time to organize a team, train, refit, and register. After the first team registered, what were you waiting for? You didn't want to sign up if the event wasn't going to happen? Why not? It's just a refund. If you couldn't afford to register in the first place you shouldn't have even been considering the event in the first place. Other than flash....that kind of reasoning is why this event is not happening this year. On behalf of the teams that had their shit together, the volunteers and organizers....thanks.

I will admit, I am disappointed and am suffering from my second batch of sour grapes due to this event. I could extend the deadline to allow teams to register....but I see that as caving in to lazy players and I simply will not do that.

I'll also admit, I could have pushed this event thru. Morris had volunteered to help run the event and I was SO glad to have them as I needed experienced players to assist. They had considered playing instead of being OPFOR when they saw the low turnout but I pleaded them to stay as I really needed their help. I thank them for understanding and allowing me to hold them back. If not, we would have had one more team (and a fun one to watch).

In the end we organized this event due to expressed interest....but cynically I doubted it would happen. Why? There's a lot of talkers out there. And frankly, this is a wake up call to those players. Talk is easy and cheap. Calling your self a team is easy too....but unless you can show up at an event and play like a team, you're still in the minor leagues. Learn from this, and get squared away.

With that, I am technically "postponing" this event until Spring of next year. We will discuss the event in early 2010 to see if it's worth it to try again. Maybe third time will be the charm.
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