Airsoft Field Wish List

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Airsoft Field Wish List

Post by crossfire » Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:23 am

Crossfire airsoft is working on the New Field. (Crossfire 2.0) I want as much input from the player base as I can. Any ideas, wants, wishes will be considered. I want this to be a field created for players by players.
1. I'll start it out with Chrono being close to Staging. 2. Close and ample parking 3. transportation to the start points. no long walks. 4. shooting range with distant numbers 5. food close by.
The rest is up to you.. please comment.

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Re: Airsoft Field Wish List

Post by shanesamp1984 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:32 pm

<1.5 hours away:(

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Re: Airsoft Field Wish List

Post by Archer » Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:52 am

shanesamp1984 wrote:<1.5 hours away:(

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From where??? you have no location on your profile (which is required to use the sales section BTW)

Also, if you live inside the metro area, you are going to have live with driving 45+ minutes at a minimum to get to a decent field because having one inside of the metro area is just not feasible due to costs.
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Re: Airsoft Field Wish List

Post by Haydenhawk » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:16 am

So are you guys open for open play? And what is there a uniform requirement for the 23rd Milsim game

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