The Twin Cities Airsoft Project Continues

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The Twin Cities Airsoft Project Continues

Post by EZD » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:11 pm

Twin Cities Airsoft - Player Co-Op Project
Many said it couldn’t be done, "buying land for the primary purpose of Airsoft has never been done around here." That's what I heard.

What started off as a group of players getting together and running a big Airsoft game at Splat Tag in 2012 has lead to the purchase of 80 acres to build the ultimate Airsoft facility. From day one I have met so many Airsoft players that love this game. I was told it is great being able to play on Paintball courses and on people land but what Airsoft players really wanted was a place designed and built for Airsoft. At most places Airsoft players are treated like second class citizen. At other places the land/courses are really for Paintball/rein-acting or for something else and Airsoft is just another way to make money. Twin Cities Airsoft is for Airsoft first! When we build something it is signed for Airsoft first and foremost. Not for a second agenda.

TCA is base on a co-op for players. We rely heavily on volunteers to help run games, clean up and for building. Players have great input of what is added and where it is built. TCA is only as good as the players that play here. For the past two year TCA has grown so much that we have needed to start hiring people for check-in and reffing to help keep player experience consistent. We have so many dedicated people that help us out throughout the year! Even players doing little things like cleaning up after themselves and pick up garbage off the course as they walk out helps. The less we have to pay someone to do something big or small the more money we have to buy building supplies and put toward improvements. All of this helps us keep lower entry fees then other places and allows us to use more of the money players spend at TCA on improvements.

Darrin Johnson
Twin Cities Airsoft

We spent over $50,000 on improvement last year and plan to do even more in 2016. We are not the ultimate Airsoft course we want to be yet but with the help of all the Airsoft players that come out and support us, that see our mission and want a place truly dedicated to Airsoft, we are getting closer every year. As soon as the snow melts we will go from planning to building. 2016 will be the best year yet at TCA!
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