Safety or money? Have player insurance or not? 400fps

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Safety or money? Have player insurance or not? 400fps

Post by EZD » Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:43 am

We keep getting question about our 400fps limit. The simple answer is we have insurance.

We have checked every insurance company and none allow any gun to be over 400fps except bolt action guns following the sniper rules of no engagement under 100 feet.
All outdoor courses have a strict limit of 400fps.
All Indoor courses limit of 350fps.

There are no special rules for DMR's or any other guns.

We know that we would get a lot more players if we looked the other way on limits. We could make a lot more money if we operated without insurance. We are sorry to say we are not going to lower our standard to make a quick buck.

We have had a couple players say we are hurting it for all the players in the area. It is the other way around, already one of the biggest Airsoft insurance campaniles is now demanding that ALL players have to wear a full facemask because of a lack of safety standards at a hand full of courses around the US. If courses keep side stepping the standard fps limits more and more restrictions will be put in place by the Insurance companies.

If anyone can find an insurance company with higher limits we would switch in a second. Let me know Darrin 612-333-1700
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Re: Safety or money? Have player insurance or not? 400fps

Post by Guges Mk3 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:27 pm

The over 450fps is not needed. Actual effective range increase is 15 yards. That's 5 running steps. By just shooting a heavier bb in the same AEG can give your the range increase in power. This is due to the law of inertia and how Airsoft works with REAL physics versus all the people who think on video game physics of plug and play, which is unrealistic.

This request for higher fps request is a cyclic request. It has been happening since the early 2000's

All large venue events, national milsim events and such are 400fps with .20. The over 450fps crowd is a more vocal, but smaller percentage of your player base. 99% of the AEG makers are no more than 400fps with .20.

Stick with 400fps will get more general population players.

There is no need to make the fps higher since most field are tailored to the shorter range engagements anyways.

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